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Create amazing, easily navigable apps that scale seamlessly with a top-notch ReactJS development company.
Turn your digital vision into reality with our top-notch React JS development services. As a premier react software development company, we craft beautiful websites and cutting-edge solutions that set you apart and drive business success.

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ReactJS web and application development Company

Lucent Innovation As a leading React JS application and web development company, we have a proven track record of delivering high-quality and scalable web solutions for clients across a wide range of industries.

Looking to power up your app with a highly efficient ReactJS development team?

Look no further than our leading ReactJS development company in India, where we specialize in crafting highly flexible and scalable solutions using a component-based architecture to deliver intuitive and interactive interfaces. Our team is dedicated to creating error-free and optimized apps tailored to meet your specific niche requirements.

Lucent Innovation delivers top-notch web and application development services as a React software development company. React's revolutionary evolution has made it the go-to choice for individuals and companies alike.

Why Lucent Innovation as a React JS web development company?

Lucent Innovation as a leading React development company, specializes in providing simplified and effective development processes that utilize React JS development technology, ensuring ease of use and understanding.

Our expert React developers help you to build dynamic and intuitive applications that enhance the user experience, giving you an edge over the competition.

With React's SEO-friendly mechanism, our team ensures that your website gains maximum visibility and high positioning in search results, providing the desired results for your business.

Our ReactJS software development company offers cost-effective development solutions with reusable components for long-term projects, simplifying maintenance and ensuring efficient development.

Our proficiency enables teams to work faster and more efficiently, promoting effective collaboration and tracking of information for enhanced productivity and project success.

Lucent Innovation is a React JS Development Company that is here to support you throughout the journey.

Experience the power of enterprise-grade build quality with our best-in-class ReactJS development solutions, designed to meet even your most demanding requirements. Our team leverages the latest and most flexible technologies to develop highly interactive and visually appealing mobile and web applications, providing you with a cutting-edge product that sets you apart from the competition.

We take your digital products to the next level by enhancing experiences that take your users to the next level. We are one of the top React JS companies and specialize in building cutting edge solutions like PWA (Progressive Web Apps), SPA (Single Page Apps) and Static site generation. Our team leverages extensive open-source libraries and delivers customized services, ensuring seamless synchronization without page reloading, efficient handling of data updates, and effortless integration with existing systems. Let us help you create a digital product that will set you apart from the competition!

Stunning Responsive Designs

Gorgeous Designs that work seamlessly across all devices.

Unmatched Expertise

A team of seasoned experts who are dedicated to bringing your vision to life.

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive support every step of the way, from ideation to launch and beyond.

On-time Delivery

Timely delivery so that you can get to the market quickly and efficiently.


Robust security measures that keep your data and assets safe and secure.

Our services as a Leading React JS Development Company

We provide a broad spectrum of React JS software development that can be tailored to meet your project requirements. Our services are designed to provide you with the expertise and support you need to succeed.

React JS Web Development

Our team of experts specializes in React JS development and can create exceptional solutions to help your business succeed. We are one of the top React JS companies, providing fully functional and high-performance web applications that are customized to your specific needs.

React Mobile App Development

Leverage the power of ReactJS to create top-notch mobile applications that are tailored to your business needs. Our React mobile app development services deliver feature-rich solutions with stunning user interfaces and high-quality user experiences that seamlessly span across multiple devices. With our expertise, you can be confident that your app will deliver outstanding performance, reliability, and scalability.

React JS Component and Plugin Development

Our React JS development company can help you create custom user interface elements and plugins to improve your users' experience. With our plugin and component development services, we ensure that your web application runs seamlessly, providing high-quality and interactive user experiences.

React JS Consulting

Partner with our React software development company for professional guidance and support in making your ReactJS project a success. Our consulting services are tailored to meet your specific needs and can help you create a web application that resonates with your target audience. From concept to launch, we are with you every step of the way to help you overcome any potential obstacles and achieve your goals.

React JS API Integration

At our React software development company, we specialize in API integration with your ReactJS front-end, ensuring seamless and organized workflows. Our custom API integration services are tailored to your specific needs, guaranteeing a smooth integration with your web application.

React JS Support and Maintenance

We also provide comprehensive maintenance and support for your ReactJS project, backed by well-defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Our team can offer post-production support to ensure that your web application continues to operate smoothly and efficiently, even after it has been launched.

Clients Testimonials

They're genuinely doing the work to make sure we're happy with how things look and function.

Jack Bensason, Trestique
I am impressed with their ability to get things done quickly.

James Owen, Raintree Nursery
Good developers with experienced knowledge and who are always willing to suggest ways to improve your workflow.

Gibson Tang, Mighty Jaxx
No task was impossible and they delivered. It was so cool to dream big and have the results become a reality.

Treva Stone, Moonglow
They're genuinely doing the work to make sure we're happy with how things look and function.

Jack Bensason, Trestique
I am impressed with their ability to get things done quickly.

James Owen, Raintree Nursery
Good developers with experienced knowledge and who are always willing to suggest ways to improve your workflow.

Gibson Tang, Mighty Jaxx
No task was impossible and they delivered. It was so cool to dream big and have the results become a reality.

Treva Stone, Moonglow

Case Study

How we utilized JavaScript and enriched JS libraries for improving the site speed and scalability of a lifestyle e-commerce store?

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    Lucent Innovation offers React JS Developers for hire

    Based on your requirements, we match you with the best talent.

    • Hourly


      We’ll provide a fully signed NDA for your Project’s confidentiality

    • Monthly


      3+ Years of Exp. Senior React JS Developer 160 hours per month

    • Monthly(5 Developer)


      Build a SCRUM team of 5 Developers

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    Hire React JS Developers

    Looking to boost your product development capabilities or hire a dedicated team of experts in HTML + CSS, JSX, JavaScript Fundamentals + ES6, DOM manipulation, Redux, Node + NPM? Look no further than our React developers, who are skilled in creating stunning UI and UX designs with superior solutions and efficient performance.

    Our team of top 1% React developers can expertly execute your vision by integrating React with Redux, Redux-Saga, Flow, and React DnD to achieve outstanding results. We're committed to powering up your entrepreneurial journey and helping you achieve your objectives. Contact us now to discuss your project and engage the services of the best React JS development company to help you succeed.

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    Our pricing for hiring React developers is simple and transparent. You can hire skilled React developers for $30 per hour, on average with 3 to 6 years of experience. If you need to hire a team of React developers, we offer customized rates to meet your specific requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

    We offer comprehensive support and maintenance services following the successful deployment of your React.js project. Our post-deployment services cover a range of essential tasks, including bug fixes, framework upgrades, ongoing monitoring, and troubleshooting technical issues to enhance the functionality of your React.js product. Rest assured that our team is committed to providing reliable, high-quality support to ensure the long-term success of your project.

    React is a robust library that provides a variety of UI components for developing intuitive and user-friendly front-end interfaces for web and mobile applications. It is particularly well-suited for developing applications in several different areas, such as real-time chat, e-commerce, productivity, entertainment, social media, video streaming, and instant messaging. These use cases illustrate the versatility of React and its ability to support the development of diverse and dynamic applications.

    Yes, ReactJS can help reduce development costs in several ways. First, it streamlines the development process by reducing the time required to complete the project and lessening the workload on developers. This optimization of man-hours translates to significant cost savings for clients by lowering the overall project development costs from start to finish. Ultimately, ReactJS offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for developing high-quality web and mobile applications.

    We are proud to offer a diverse pool of developers with a range of skills and expertise in various fields. This allows us to provide customized solutions that meet our clients' specific needs and requirements, ensuring that they receive tailored services that are both effective and efficient.

    We make use of the hired trial resource to show their prowess in a variety of areas, including interaction, on-time execution, the agile software development process, and others. If the outcomes are bad, we'll assign a different resource whose skills meet your demands; if the job is acceptable, you can maintain the engagement. You can call off the engagement immediately if none of these strategies work.

    To satisfy your business objectives, Lucent Innovation offers three different engagement models, and under each one, our experienced React JS developers are eligible for hiring.

    Our Dedicated Developer plan, which offers 160 hours of work per month, 8 hours per day, five days a week, is the top choice. For clients who require a committed professional to perform on a long-term basis, this approach is perfect.

    Our second choice is an hourly basis model, where we appropriately bill you for the time spent working on your project using a variety of time-tracking tools. For clients who desire greater freedom in their scope of the project or timing, this model is ideal.

    Finally, we can help you in building a team of five developers if you require a larger one. Just let us know the details of your project, and our team will assess them and give you a thorough estimate of the project's time and cost as well as a schedule for finishing the job.

    We accept wire transfers from across the globe and also a registered entity in the United States with the name Lucent Innovation so you can choose to pay us in a Bank of America account via ACH. We can also assist you to save taxes on with the help of a W9 form, here is our TIN.

    ire React JS Developers from us to work according to your time zone (EST/PST/CST/MST), deadline and milestone. To know more get in touch with us at

    No worries! Your React project will be entirely yours. Other types of intellectual property such as NDAs, copyrights, source codes, etc. are also covered.

    Customer satisfaction is our main objective at Lucent Innovation. We provide various termination alternatives because we want you to be comfortable with your engagement with us.

    By giving the other party writing notice at least thirty (30) days in advance, either party may end this Agreement at any time and for any reason. This lets us make any arrangements required and guarantees a seamless transfer for everybody involved.

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    Learning comes not only with training but it comes as we facilitate the learning of the organization as well as individuals and the clients continuously refurbishing ourselves.


    We believe in Innovation and have started our company based on that concept. When you don't transform you become stagnant.
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    We work efficiently as a team. We self-monitor. We deliver results efficiently with the help of multiple perspectives and skill sets. We form strong working relationships as we communicate well with each other.

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