PHP Development

Lucent Innovation has been providing comprehensive PHP Development Services to big and small enterprises fulfilling their unique requirements.

We provide you with a comprehensive suite of featured

Possibilities with a PHP framework to empower your business.

Why should you opt for PHP Development Services?

1. It is widely used by a lot of CMS systems to create customized websites.
2. It allows you to connect with almost any database.
3. It is an open-source language that allows designers to be flexible as well as creative.
4. It is compatible with almost all operating systems.
5. PHP testing is simple, easy and quick.

Lucent Innovation utilizes innovative strategies, advanced technology and superior infrastructure.

Quality Solutions

Solid Security

Dedicated and skilled Teams

On time delivery

Maintenance and Support

We provide PHP Development services for your business assisting in getting high-quality software with maximum functionalities.

  • Web Application Development PHP

    Lucent Innovation caters to distinct business needs by developing robust and high performing, responsive web applications with the help of PHP Development.

  • Mobile Application Development PHP

    We provide advanced mobile applications to increase the reach of your audience with the help of the skilled expertise of our PHP Developers.

  • E-commerce Development Services PHP

    We provide e-commerce stores for all the verticals even if your requirement is a single page commerce store, a custom ecommerce store or an online portal.

  • CMS/CRM Development Services PHP

    We provide custom solutions on different platforms that depict your business needs perfectly. The solutions are dynamic, integrated and static.

  • Dedicated Development Team PHP

    Lucent Innovation helps you augment your web development competence with the help of our experienced and dedicated PHP team. We cater to high volume websites and portals.

  • Maintenance and Support PHP

    Lucent Innovation offers constant support to maintain and update applications that are cost-effective, scalable and swift. We are available 24/7 to offer constant support.

Case Study

How we created a merchandise catalog system for a popular e-commerce store ?




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