With the use of our NetSuite skills, Lucent Innovation can help you build your business or expand abroad, as it has innovative various options for your business.


Lucent Innovation provides a strong customer experience by creating a central system to manage your sales, marketing services, revenues as well reports.

Lucent Innovation helps you grow your business or

Expand globally with the help of our NetSuite capabilities, as it has innovative multiple solutions for your business.

1. Dependable marketing automation, all the while automating the whole campaign process.
2. Get Real-Time Dashboards.
3. You get an innovative sales forecasting tool.
4. A complete customer support mechanism.
5. You can create upsell opportunities.

Why Lucent Innovation for your NetSuite Services?

Well articulated plans

Industry Expertise

Custom Tools

Seamless Solutions

24/7 Support

Lucent Innovation assists you in creating business strategies based on real-time data to create versatile and efficient solutions.

  • Order Management NetSuite

    Lucent Innovation provides custom NetSuite tools and well-defined plans for businesses to manage their orders according to their needs.

  • Maintenance and Support NetSuite

    Lucent Innovation provides the most proactive customer service and 24/7 support to continue providing robust, scalable and efficient NetSuite Solutions.

  • Web Analytics and E-commerce NetSuite

    We provide you with an array of tools to create website analytics and assist in growing your existing e-commerce business.

  • Inventory Management NetSuite

    We articulate and implement highly defined inventory management solutions depending on the requirements of your business.

  • Accounting and Finance NetSuite

    Lucent Innovation provides custom accounting-based solutions to keep you focused on the strategic aspect of your business rather than the day to day tasks.

Case Study

How we utilized latest technologies to provide a responsive user experience for India’s no.1 smart watch brand?


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