SAP Development


Lucent Innovation allows you to execute, optimize and convert your applications that bring growth and brilliance to your business.

We help you to build a strong I.T Infrastructure for your business and prepare you for your growth and development.

1. First and foremost SAP is quite important as it allows department collaborations in your business.
2. It is an efficient system to reduce your operational costs and increase profitability.
3. Manage your data effectively and efficiently.
4. Helps you generate useful analytics and reports.
5. Improves customer relationships.

Why SAP Services from Lucent Innovation.

Flexible Solutions

Budget Adaptability

Dedicated Developers

24/7 Customer Support


Lucent Innovation provides innovative technical solutions that will provide you with an incredible foundation to grow your business.

  • Digital Transformation SAP

    Lucent Innovation provides robust SAP solutions to empower enterprises and provide value to the Business.

  • Customer Sales and Service SAP

    Lucent Innovation provides you with SAP solutions to manage your customer data as well as invoices to create a seamless customer experience.

  • Supply Chain Management SAP

    We efficiently improvise your business by creating a robust supply chain where you can analyse and identify process shortcomings making it a lot better.

  • Human Capital Management SAP

    Lucent Innovation helps you manage a flexible workforce with the help of SAP in not only hiring but also managing performance as well as the payroll.

  • Maintenance and Support SAP

    We are always present for post-operation services. Our developers offer round the clock support to any of the queries presented.

Case Study

How we utilized Node.js and React.js to create an incredible UI experience and integrated their application with ERP ,automating processes for a popular A.C and cooler brand?


Hire SAP Developers from Lucent Innovation

We ensure you're matched with the right talent based on your requirement.