Lucent Innovation  has the know-how. We have the infrastructure and cutting-edge technology to bring your vision to life.

Front end technologies allow you to build a user experience for your website and online applications that is intuitive, responsive, and business-oriented. They give your success a definition by enhancing their online performance. Front-end development aids in improving performance, improving navigation, and retaining visitors. They create mobile-friendly, quick-loading websites that aid in the development of your brand and its visual representation.

Backend technologies are just as vital as front end technologies since they bring logic and validity to your application. It provides users with data as well as content.
The technologies assist in a variety of ways, including facilitating information interchange, running in a variety of contexts, and most importantly, containing reasoning for the program. It enhances the functionality of many Front End Technologies. The back end technology you use have an impact on the user experience on your website.

Technologies we work with

We have the industry experience. We have the expertise. We have the infrastructure and latest technologies to transform your vision into reality.

How will Lucent Innovation empower your business with Technology?

Lucent Innovation tries its best to transform itself with the digital age and apply it’s learnings to adapt towards new technology and softwares. We try our best to manage your business problems and transformations with our values and dedication. We develop software solutions and digital products for mobile and web platforms for various industries and verticals. Our technology experts will guide you at their best and provide the best solutions that your business needs.

Frontend Technologies

Front end Technologies enable you to create an intuitive, responsive and business oriented user experience for your website and web applications. They provide a definition to your success by improving their web performance. Front End Development helps you drive the performance, optimize navigation and retain your visitors. They build responsive and fast loading websites which help you develop your brand and represent it in a visually attractive way.


React JS

Build rich user interfaces in your application with the help of React. It is one of the most popular and versatile libraries eveloper's craft user friendly, responsive and stunning web user interfaces for enterprise based applications. We understand your business requirements and deliver the most sensible React JS development solutions that are a perfect fit for your business. Our experienced developers will deliver the React JS based applications whether the business is small or large.



Backend Technologies

The backend technologies are equally important as the Front end as they apply the logic and validity in your application. It delivers the data as well as content to the users. The technologies help in various aspects right from facilitating information exchange, it runs in various environments, the most vital part is it contains logic for the application. It adds utility to the various Front End Technologies. The back end technologies that you utilize impacts the website user experience.



A free open-source environment that is run on various platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac OS, Unix, etc. It uses Javascript on the server. Our developers can create dynamic web page content and also real-time applications. Node.Js is an excellent resource when it comes to a large volume content and faster results. Our skilled Node.JS developers build excellent e-commerce transaction software or online game applications and you never have to worry about the scalability and flexibility of your product. Our technical team is always at your beck and call in terms of back support, consultation as well as migration.




A CRM system is not a technology or a software but a strategy that your company will utilize to learn about the needs of your customers needs and behaviours to develop strong relationships with them. Lucent Innovation helps you develop CRM systems that will profit your business along with retaining your customers. CMS is a system that enables end users to produce, manage and publish their content on a website. A good CMS system will help you increase your efficiency , content management, improve your online branding and increase customer satisfaction for your enterprise.


Microsoft Dynamics

A flexible and customizable solution to match your business needs. When your workflow processes are smooth and in sync, your Business runs at an efficient pace. Microsoft Dynamics lets you sync your data within a connecting application making your workflows integrated and effective. We have 100% dedicated project managers for your CRM needs. We understand your requirements and also provide complete transparency in the project. We also won't stop until you are completely satisfied with the results.