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On Shopify, Lucent Innovation we  create e-commerce applications for a variety of retail sectors, including cosmetics, fabrics, garments, electronics, toys, shoes, and more. We provide prominent and well-recognized Shopify application development services, including strategy, research, design migration, and integration of next-generation online stores. 

To get a competitive edge in the industry, we give 24/7 customer service, flawless navigation, effective coding, and speedy implementation.

Setup a Shopify Ecommerce Store
Hire a Shopify developer from us  to help you build up your ecommerce store. 

We can assist you with the following tasks:

Installation, design, development, and configuration of the theme
Configuration of Products and Variants.
As needed, installing and configuring third-party apps
Theme Development for Shopify>

For custom Shopify theme creation, hire Shopify theme developers. They are knowledgeable in the following areas:

PSD to Personalized 

Illustrator, Shopify Design, and so on

Purchased Shopify Theme Customization & Enhancement

For highly responsive outputs, we use a mobile-first Shopify theme development strategy.

Migration of Platforms
Lucent Innovation migrates your store from any E-Commerce platform to Shopify Plus, and we'll make sure everything goes smoothly and without losing any of your data.

You don't have to be concerned about data security.

We guarantee a flawless data transfer.

The transition is simple and quick, with no disruption to current fulfilment services.
We offer complete backup and content replication services.

Plug-ins and API Integration
We provide you with a one-of-a-kind service for controlling and supporting your product inventory. 

Inventory management solutions, e-Commerce development, and other Shopify ecommerce solutions are among the services we provide.

Shopify Development

Lucent Innovation's Shopify development services are comprehensive, custom-made, and unique, assisting eCommerce store owners in creating an online store that provides a high - quality user experience to visitors.

Lucent Innovation provides best in Shopify Development Services

We have expertise in developing scalable Shopify development solutions.

1. It is fully customizable and has a lot of features and functionalities.
2. Custom Shopify development services make your store look rich and attractive.
3. It provides high security and is scalable.
4. It provides efficient online marketing.
5. An easy,adaptable CMS system.

Why choose Lucent Innovation for your e-commerce store Development through Shopify.


Upgradation and Security

Successful Migration

100% Support


Shopify eCommerce Solutions, Integrations, Custom Web Development, UI/UX Design, Digital Marketing and Branding.

  • Development and Customization of the Shopify Application

    We offer unrivaled Shopify app development and modification services, including admin app development, Shopify POS development, and Shopify online shop development.

  • Responsive Shopify Theme Development Services

    We believe in offering scalable Shopify theme development services that will give your online business a broad appeal. Within your budget, our developers produce gorgeous and highly dynamic eCommerce shop solutions.

  • Import and Setup functionality for Shopify Products

    We assist you with setting up the theme, creating product listings, and creating shipping and payment gateways. Our Shopify designers can help you create custom Shopify templates with their exceptional graphic design skills.

  • Shopify Development Services for mobile applications

    Our Shopify developers offer high-quality mobile app development services which are not only entertaining but also deliver better in a viewer way. For quick and easy navigation, we also create unique mobile shops.

  • Shopify Integration

    Integrating numerous programmes to increase the functionality of your ecommerce site is critical. Our programmers are skilled at integrating payment gateways, shopping carts, APIs, as well as other third-party apps with your online store.

  • Extension development for Shopify

    The main goal of adding extensions is to make the ecommerce store more functional and feature-rich. We'll add cutting-edge features like store administrations, multi-store integration, and powerful newsletter extensions to your store.

  • Migration to Shopify

    If you want to transition your old ecommerce store to Shopify, our Shopify professionals can do it swiftly and without causing any damage to the platform's functioning or resources.To increase your visibility and revenue, let's make the transfer to a more innovative and exceptional store.

  • Shopify Support and Maintenance Services

    Our Shopify developers will be available for service and maintenance services on a routine basis from the start of the partnership. You can employ a watch partner even after the project is completed to assure that your store functions properly and effectively.

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How we utilized React JS to provide a responsive user experience for India’s no.1 smart watch brand?



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