Lucent Innovation offers you bespoke digital solutions that will improve the efficiency of your production, distribution, and operational processes. Due to ever-changing prices and significant volatility, the oil and gas sector has always been tumultuous. There are also government laws to obey, as well as environmental policies that are growing increasingly stringent. So, in order to compete and stay afloat in this difficult environment, the oil and gas business must function efficiently and consistently, which may be accomplished using digital tools. We want to help you enhance your supply chain, increase customer service, and achieve operational excellence.


Lucent Innovation helps Energy industries to transition into a Technological advanced approach that will transform their business into a more efficient, monitored and controlled enterprise.


The Energy industry has always been turbulent due to the ever changing prices and high volatility. There are also Government regulations that need to be followed along with the Environmental practices that are becoming stringent day by day. So to compete and stay afloat in this challenging environment the Energy industry has to operate efficiently and continuously, which can be done with the help of digital tools.

Lucent Innovation provides you with customized digital solutions that will make your production efficient, streamline distribution and operating processes for your enterprise. We aim to provide services that optimize your supply chain, improve customer service, and achieve high operational excellence.

We offer multiple digital solutions for Energy industry


Lucent Innovation tries to provide intelligent and well integrated ERP solutions that will streamline your processes and improve your efficiency. Our solutions like order management systems help companies optimize their supply chain to offer efficient solutions right from organizing their inventory to budget as well as forecasting.

ERP and CRM solutions

A lot of businesses now require sophisticated and advanced mobile applications that are equal to fully functional desktop and web applications. We offer real time and scalable mobile applications that gain real time visibility into your supply chain and you can provide the best time delivery performance.

Web and Mobile solutions

We provide web solutions to your business that can be accessed from anywhere through any device. Similarly agile mobile solutions are provided by us for your business so that you can track and monitor your day to day operations, generate reports and analyze them at your finger tips. We also provide dashboard systems and workflow as well as information management systems.

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