Retail and Ecommerce

Lucent Innovation offers scalable e-commerce solutions that are tailored to your company's, industry's, and end-user requirements. We give everything you need by employing the newest technology and a dedicated team, including automated systems, online shopping portals, 24-7 customer service, custom apps, platform migration, and SEO for eCommerce. Because of the unique user experience given by our digital products, we have left a lasting impression. These solutions improve productivity and user engagement, which leads to a larger audience. We're a worldwide digital agency that turns ideas into successful products and creates outstanding retail experiences.

Retail and Ecommerce

We provide the most secure, stable and versatile solutions for your e-commerce business. By utilizing our services you can achieve innumerable possibilities to expand, develop and innovate your business.


Digital economy is booming and the times when Technology has taken strides to grow tremendously, the e-commerce industry has developed astronomically. In terms of the retail and e- commerce sector, the consumer has begun seeking convenience and has become empowered to change the reality of Retail sector. The constant demand and transforming market has become a challenge for the Industry. We at Lucent Innovation are here to provide you the smartest digital as well as web and mobile application development solutions to take your business towards a growth and development track.

Right from automated systems, online shopping portals, 24/7 customer support, custom applications, platform migration, SEO for eCommerce we provide everything you need by utilizing the latest technology, lasting impressions due to unforgettable user experience provided by our digital products. These solutions enhance the efficiency and user engagement leading to an increase in audience. We are a global digital agency that will convert your ideas into products and provide unforgettable retail experiences.

We convert your dreams into reality with Shopify

We offer distinguished and highly acclaimed services for Shopify application development that include strategy, research, design migration and integration of the next gen online stores.

  • Ecommerce store setup

  • Theme Development

  • Data and content migration

  • API Integration and Plug-ins

Why should your Business undergo a digital transformation?

1. Shoppers are looking for products online.

With the rising popularity of online searches it is inevitable for the products to have visibility online. You need to have a well optimized user and mobile friendly website so that your customers can browse through the products easily.

2. Rise in expectations of customers.

With a numerous rise in e-commerce stores businesses are utilizing a lot of digital strategies to provide the customers with a great user experience. The customers are looking for personalized experiences across all channels. They expect a seamless, satisfying process to buy a product or a service.

3. There is an optimization of products.

The data analytics are providing the businesses with real time data regarding customer behaviour. You need the latest technology to collect and analyze this data which is like a boon to the e-commerce enterprises. This data helps the businesses to improve their processes accordingly.

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Building a rich and responsive e-commerce website

You have a fresh new idea or need to refurbish the look of your website we create a seamless journey for your customers that fuses data with strategy to create a design that increases your conversions. We develop e-commerce websites for a lot of different businesses globally that are quite engaging and user friendly.