Internet of Things

With the aid of our innovative IoT solutions, you may gain a competitive advantage in any industry. With the help of our professional services, you may design your IoT development solution and increase corporate efficiency and productivity.
IoT solutions for the retail industry.
Enhance the user experience with IoT-enabled retail solutions.
Lucent Innovation helps companies analyze their strategy and design full-fledged customer programme, as well as collect and manage customer data.
Healthcare IoT solutions
Lucent Innovation develops intelligent and personalized solutions for advanced healthcare systems and delivery systems.
Internet of Things (IoT) options for home automation
Lucent Innovation offers comprehensive home automation solutions that make life simpler, easier, and more convenient for you.


Internet of Things

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In 2021 there will be more than 10 billion IoT devices that are active. This does not include only smartphones and tablets, but almost everything that has a sensor in it. IoT which just started as a theoretical concept in 2000 has become a reality now. It has revolutionized technology right from learning to working and entertainment too. Build your IoT developmental solution with the help of our professional services and improve business efficiency and productivity.

IoT solutions for Retail.

Improve user experience with IoT facilitated Retail Solutions.

In today’s digital era retailers need to prepare solutions that can engage, retain and ensure the safety of their products. At the same time, the customers have a lot of expectations from personalization to convenience. Lucent Innovation assists businesses in analyzing their strategies to develop full-fledged customer plans and gather and manage customer data.

Our solutions include:

Supply chain management
Delivery Management
Smart Payment Systems
Automation for Inventory and Warehouse.

IoT solutions for healthcare

Improve patient care with IoT facilitated Healthcare Solutions.

The Healthcare Industry is facing several challenges with a large number of the ageing population, rise in chronic diseases and a lot of difficulties. These obstacles have led them to the door of IoT. It has been a blessing to the healthcare industry. Lucent Innovation provides intelligent and tailored solutions that provide an advanced healthcare system and delivery system design.

Our solutions include:

Health monitoring automation.
Intelligent Asset Management.
Patient tracking automation.
Transparent Transactions.
Intelligent Inventory Management.

IoT solutions for home automation

Enjoy smart living with IoT facilitated Home Automation Solutions.

With the advent of technology and the usage of smartphones in all aspects of life. Customers now look for smart technology for convenience, comfort and safety. Home automation solutions have now become a lifestyle rather than a trend. With their growing acceptance, it’s time that manufacturers and merchants utilize IoT in their gadgets, appliances as well as other home-based systems that can work on Technology. Lucent Innovation provides ultimate home automation solutions that make your life simple, easier and convenient.

Our solutions include:

Intelligent Security Systems.
Temperature Control Automation.
Smart home components.
Real-time monitoring of appliances and devices.
Optimization for sustainable living.

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