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We deliver sophisticated healthcare solutions at Lucent Innovations to improve the services given by the healthcare industry. We strive to create new healthcare solutions using cutting-edge technology, allowing your customers to experience the next level of healthcare. Our digital solutions have aided the healthcare industry in providing innovative solutions and improving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


Lucent Innovation provides healthy digital solutions and robust healthcare applications and services to redefine the industry.


The healthcare industry has witnessed a huge growth in the past decade. With the advent in technology there are different products and treatments that are offered by healthcare organizations. The transition from traditional services to online services has increased significantly. It has transformed the customers views on how they should communicate with healthcare organizations. Their expectations have also increased. The organizations can deliver better treatment as well as satisfying services to the patients with the help of technology.

At Lucent Innovations we provide advanced healthcare solutions to make the services provided by healthcare industries better. We try to provide innovative healthcare solutions with the help of latest technologies and provide your customers with the next level of healthcare experience. Our digital solutions have helped healthcare industries to create unique solutions and increase their operational efficiency as well as customer experience.

We help you leverage digital technology to increase operational efficiency by revamping your entire supply chain and logistics business.

We design and develop, design and integrate smart healthcare solutions.

Healthcare application development

We provide customised healthcare applications for those businesses who have unique and sophisticated needs. We try to develop medical and healthcare solutions based on your customer needs. We are there for your maintenance and are always available for any kind of technical support. We develop web as well as mobile applications for your business

Responsive Website

Yes, even the healthcare business nowadays requires rich, attractive and responsive websites. In this era of online appointments and consultations, your first requirement is a good website. We are here to provide a well designed website that displays your facilities, experience, competence and capabilities very well.

3rd party plugins/API integration

There are times when you will need to make your existing set up more efficient. We develop API’s or integration tools to make it happen. We can either develop new tools for you or accommodate them in your existing set up.

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