Yahoo to Shopify Plus: Perfect time to make switch?

Yahoo to Shopify Plus: Perfect time to make switch?


Traditionally, most business’s online platforms were hosted on the readily available Yahoo Stores. Sadly, the recent debut of hosted platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce brought its lengthy reign to a halt. Below is a list of the top factors to consider when deciding whether or not to migrate from Yahoo to Shopify/Shopify Plus.

  1. Do you need a hosted service? Is our business at a scalable point that you no longer need to worry about traffic fluctuations on particular days? Has your business gotten to the tipping point where your customers' data safety, optimizing your relationship management and inventory solutions becomes critical? If so, it might be time to migrate swiftly to Shopify or Shopify Plus.
  2. Do you desire constantly updated services? Is your business tired of sporting a platform that seldom updates its plugins or services? Also, does this platform consistently induces additional expenses on its books via hiring third-party update experts? This might be owed to a purpose misalignment between the client team and the web agency. If this is the case, migrating from Yahoo Stores to Shopify is a must.
  3. Does your business need a complete overhaul or continuous improvement? On the one hand, a complete overhaul utilizes business data from its past platform (Yahoo Stores) such as customer information to product contents, order history etc. to populate its current platform’s account (Shopify). However, should your business need only continuous development, fixing little glitches daily, then there is no need to migrate to the Shopify.
  4. Are you willing to trust the unfamiliar? These relatively new entrants into the web hosting space have over the years established a domineering presence that has swayed a wide array of Yahoo Stores users. However, the right question before migrating should be to critically consider if your business is comfortable unlearning all the past processes and learning a more efficient business methodology as supported by these solutions e.g. BigCommerce, Shopify, Weebly etc.
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Let's discuss in this article why Shopify attract client switch into Shopify platform.

Shopify VS Yahoo E-commerce: Features

Both platforms offer basic features and functionalities for creating an effective online store. Shopify is dedicated multiple service e-commerce platforms over yahoo e-commerce

Storefront features:

Shopify has various storefront features i.e 100+ professional themes, brand and customizes your online store, mobile commerce ready, edit HTML & CSS  your own domain name, work with an expert, web-based website builder, full blogging platform.

Yahoo has only added a product to the store accept all payment and combine with any shopping integration yahoo fail to explore advance new features.

Store management:

Both platforms allow for unlimited product and bandwidth regardless of plans you choose But I like the Shopify store management are much better than yahoo because yahoo interface look bit intermediate for a user and had problem uploading and creating a new product where they don't save properly, using Shopify app on your smartphone to update store manage inventory and fulfill orders and contact A  customer.Shopify Integrates with apps making it easy to set up your door shipping business, customize your automated store emails with design and language you want.

Coupons and discount code:

Shopify offered discount coupons into primary plans. yahoo, on the other hand, lack this functionality you will have to install an app for this.Shopify allows your customer purchase gift card for someone from your store or you can use gifts card as store credit that's will be helping your store marketing.

SEO Capability:

Naturally, Yahoo e-commerce could not take second place to any platform since it's service offered by one of the oldest search engines still, Shopify holds own on this with the top of the line SEO features and capability.

Payment Gateway options:

Shopify has a wide range of payment gateway options from Bitcoin to PayPal to Razorpay integrated over 100 payment gateway options overall world as compared to yahoo e-commerce you can control of cash on delivery you can set price, specify pin code where you want to offer cash on delivery.

Shopify vs. Yahoo E-commerce: Apps and Add-ons

Again Shopify is an advantage with the availability of more than 100 apps, both free and paid with which you can interface in your store in various ways in case of Yahoo e-commerce 44 app number is limited they have categorized but the app count just isn't there.

Shopify vs Yahoo e-commerce: Pricing

Shopify offers four different plans with monthly fees ranging from $9 to $299 as follow.

Shopify also has an Enterprise Plan, but that's completely custom and you'll have to contact us.


Yahoo e-commerce offer three plan with a monthly range from $29 to $299 as listed below

Finally, you can decide which one best for your business according to your need.

Below you can see latest 2018 data analysis of Shopify and Yahoo e-Commerce. Shopify grabs 9.15% market share and 260,180 websites when yahoo e-commerce market share 0.32% and 9,034 websites. Therefore, despite Yahoo's brand image and omnipresence, I find it difficult to recommend Yahoo E-commerce as an e-commerce platform today.

Should you be able to answer these questions accurately, then you would innately know whether or not it is time for your business to migrate from Yahoo Stores to Shopify/ Shopify plus.