Tips for Holiday Email Marketing

Tips for Holiday Email Marketing

When people are searching the web for offers, the holidays are a big opportunity for any business to offer deals that attract customers to stick around and keep that income flowing in all year round. You should be prepared some strategy to promote your holiday season sales and remind your customers about your product or discount different from your competitors.

According to Mailchart’s Holiday Email Marketing Guide, email marketing is responsible for 20% of holiday sales. If you do the math, that means email marketing alone returns in billions of dollars in revenue for businesses each year. 60% of emails sent between Holiday season that’s the most promotional time of the year.

Boost your subscriber list:  Well, that's especially true in the holiday season weekend is the biggest shopping weekend of the year. Even further, the customers who’ve already bought from you will be more likely to buy again, so having an email list becomes much more important. If you want to boost your subscriber list, you should try to gain the urgency and offerings for your products.

You should also change the copy on your signup forms in order to holiday season offerings. Put a banner at the top of your homepage or on your most popular pages showing off your promotions. You should also see that some of your special deals will only be available to subscribers. You can also create a special landing page graphics or theme to grab visitor's attention toward your holiday season sales.

Start sales preparation before Holiday season: Surprise always likable but in season sales suddenly surprise offer can put your holiday sales in dangers that's why you should start promoting your sales well before Q4. During the holiday season use multichannel to target particular segment make sure whatever you convey your audience check it twice and customize for your target segment.

A/B test your subject lines: There are various things that can motivate your subscribers to open your of the biggest things hitting your open rates can be your subject lines. Usually, you have to decide, based on your intuition or your experience with your email list, which subject lines lead to better open rates.

Still, there are also many aspects to consider, such as whether you should use the word ‘free’ in your emails, or if it’s better to just say ‘discount’ or ‘sale’ or explicitly state what the discount will be ‘20%’.Because of the mad dash revolving around the Holiday shopping, you don’t really have much time to test different versions.

That’s why you should do A/B testing on your email subject lines In Q3. A/B testing enables you to enter two different versions of the subject line and see which one performs greater. version A will go to 25% of your recipients, version B to another 25%, and the winning subject line will go to the remaining 50%.

Create urgency in Holiday email campaigns: It’s also important for you to create a sense of urgency in your Holiday marketing campaigns.  you know very well "lost something" is normally in human nature that there exists a broad range of tactics that can help you take advantage of this phenomenon in eCommerce, that's helpful to increase holiday sales. you can introduce a timer or scarcity so that your users understand that there is a limit to the great deals you’ll be offering. By using scarcity, you can show how much is left of a certain product, with notifications of others looking at or purchasing those same items.

Boost your shopping abandonment strategy: The average shopping cart abandonment rate sits just under 70%, so a thoughtful abandoned cart recovery strategy is a necessary strategy for any successful commerce brand.

sending a series of three cart recovery emails resulted in 131% more orders compared to only sending one cart recovery email. Early -customers normally need a few more reminders than just a one-off email. Their inboxes are filled with loads of new emails every day, and even if they intended to finish their purchase, it may have gotten lost. Sending a series of cart recovery emails can help keep your products on their minds.

the first email should immediately be sent after the customer abandons their cart. that Lead the email with a helpful reminder to the user that they still have items in the cart. The second mail reminder should be sent 12 hours after abandonment if no purchase was made. that remind customer service oriented why your brand offer preferable compared to your competitors and final email at 24 hours with an incentive or offer to persuade instead of the normal 12% percent from other cart recovery programs, this automation workflow reaches up to 20% cart recovery conversions.

Give something extra to your loyal customers: It’s essential that you also provide extra incentives for your current customers and subscribers to remain loyal to your brand.  you should identify Loyal customer segment. For your subscribers, you can offer some good things that your normal website visitors wouldn’t get. you can include early-bird offers, discounted items, free shipping, or any combination of those things. For your loyal customers, you can offer something even better. For them, you should offer some really vast incentives. After all, you’re not focusing here on only the short-term BFCM shopping period, but you’re also looking to build up your brand, your customer’s loyalty, and extend each customer’s lifetime value. Your loyal customers should receive exclusive deals, such as a free gift after a certain amount ordered, or free shipping for all orders, or even a buy-one-get-one half off, free, or something similar.

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