Shopify Plus - Launchpad

Shopify Plus - Launchpad

Launchpad is one of the Top Plus apps from Shopify that allows eCommerce brands to simplify the process of marketing campaigns with automation. 

It is used to automate your campaigns for Flash Sales, Product Releases and Seasonal Campaigns. 

We can schedule, coordinate, and execute events, such as sales, product drops, and inventory restocks using launchpad. We can even track its success by viewing the app's real-time, analytic dashboard.

Let take the simple example to understand the usage of launchpad

High Volume Merchant is having one day sale for 3th year anniversary, they want to slash product price by 33% for the specific period of time i.e. Monday 12:00 AM to Tuesday 11:59 PM.

Plus partner or Support team has to reduce the price of each product and has to wait till midnight to start and stop this sale. 

Somehow the support team was too tired due to full day activity and just sat on the bed for relaxing, closed his eye for the few mins but opened in the morning. Now the customer is still buying discounted products from the last 6 hours and this is quite expensive for Merchant. Here Launchpad plays a quite good role, It automates all of such a burden on his arm and give you time to relax for the next day.

We have recently used launchpad for TheManCompany to slash prices for their 3rd Anniversary. It has increased conversion by 900%. 

Key features & capabilities
You can use Launchpad to automate the following event tasks:

  • Changing the product pricing at the start and end of an event
  • Publishing selected products to your sales channels to release them at a chosen time and date
  • Increasing inventory levels at the start of an event
  • Scheduling creative and theme customizations to better highlight the products involved in the event
  • Scheduling line item and shipping scripts to change prices and grant discounts at checkout.
  • Locking your online store for a set duration of time before the start of an event to build hype and anticipation
  • Enabling Captcha for the duration of the event to prevent bots from placing orders
  • Gathering data about the success of the event