React vs Vue vs  Angular

React vs Vue vs Angular

In terms of picking between strawberry, butterscotch, and chocolate ice cream, is extremely difficult. However, I am aware that chocolate is what I eat when I'm eating it alone because it makes me feel better when I'm depressed or confused. So, neither of these stands out as superior to the others. For me, it just matters what operates when.

Which among the React, Angular, and Vue frameworks for JavaScript is the right choice? cannot be answered definitively in the same way. To respond to every typical query we encounter on Google, such as "Is Vue quicker than react?" Which framework should you pick —Angular, React, or Vue? or Which of the following front-end JavaScript frameworks—Angular, React, or Vue—is best? 

Which framework should I go for? is the first query front-end developers must address when beginning a new project. Which framework is more suitable for my needs? It all relies on the kind of web application you want to create while taking your company's policies into account. 

A comparison of Angular, React, and Vue in 2022

We have illustrated, contrasted, and detailed each of these elements for React, Angular, and Vue in this blog. Let's start by giving a brief overview of various front-end frameworks.


React took the entire development industry by storm with structured programming and a rigorous Reactive approach, thus it was no surprise that the framework amassed immense popularity in a short period. Before working on React, one had to understand a variety of new concepts provided by the framework.

Component-based architecture, JSX, and unidirectional data flow React encourages original ideas to streamline the development process and boost the effectiveness of the created application. React, in contrast to Angular, combines HTML markup and application logic into a single component. React also provides inter-component communication using flux or JS libraries.

React Special Characteristics 

State and props are two unique concepts that are unique to React. They are objects that allow data to be shared between the parent and child components or passed from one module to a layout.

Greater Flexibility is also one of its best features. React comes with a variety of tools that enable developers to incorporate additional layers of flexibility into the apps they create. Additionally, React offers a tone of libraries that make development easier and faster.

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Pros and Cons of React.


Vue One of the fastest-growing JavaScript languages is Vue, which incorporates the state and props functionality of React and the HTML-JavaScript integrated layouts of angular. Some of the real-time Web apps created with Vue include Alibaba, Gitlab, and Baidu.

Vue Special Characteristics

Developing large-scale applications involves greater complications that must be handled with extreme caution, according to the Vuex Library. Even while React is also appropriate for these apps, the vuex library appears to be a superior fit because React uses Redux, which has longer-term disadvantages that are more significant. Vue makes it easier to create complex applications when used as a resource management tool, similar to flux.

Steeper Learning Curve i.e easy to learn. Vue does not require the development of another language or the possession of expertise in anything other than JavaScript, unlike angular (TypeScript) and React (JSX). 

Pros and cons of Vue


A JavaScript framework that is open-source and allows for the rapid development of scalable and reliable mobile Web apps. Whenever it comes to creating front-end mobile applications, Angular, a Google product, is quite well-liked. Angular is the Web development framework used by Google, WhatsApp, Forbes, and other top 500 firms. In 2010, AngularJS, often known as angular, was released. The framework allowed a wide range of functionalities, however, the angular team was forced to incorporate improvements to stay current with industry trends, leading to an updated version released in 2016 as Angular 2. There have been numerous updates and subsequent releases since then.

Angular Special Characteristics

Angular makes it simple to create applications. Developers can easily operate on each component separately because the framework divides the project into numerous components. However, angular includes multiple files for the design portion and the primary logic portion. The development and deployment process is streamlined by working on components.

Dependency Injection is one of the main features. Another characteristic that distinguishes Angular from the other two frameworks is dependency injection. Angular is not simply just individual components or widgets. In a sense, this results in configurable dependencies. This means that developers do not need to manually generate dependent objects when working with dependent apps or components; rather, the angular injector produces the dependent objects and then injects them into the code with the aid of service providers.

High Modularity too, Angular uses several components for various purposes and adheres to the MVC design. Installing the fundamental ones is not necessary because every module can be deployed as and when necessary.

Pros and Cons of Angular

Stack overflow developer survey 2022


The two most popular web technologies utilized by experienced programmers and those learning to write are Node.js and React.js. Professional developers use Angular more frequently than those beginning to code (23 percent vs. 10 percent), and the same is true of ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core (16 percent vs. 10 percent) (21 percent vs 10 percent ).

How to choose the best framework from Angular, React, and Vue.js?

It can be challenging to pick between Angular, React, and Vue because they are all strong and well-liked frameworks that are frequently used to create web apps. So before choosing the framework, take into account the following important factors. 

  • Performance.
    Understanding which framework may offer the best performance is critical since web application performance is crucial. The finest service is promised by React, Vue, and Angular. However, several things affect how well an application performs.

  • Project Assessment (Scope & Size).
    Before selecting the framework, it is necessary to assess the project's scale and scope. Vue works best for small-scale projects, and React is easily suited for handling the creation of small to medium-sized online applications. Angular, in contrast, can handle significant, complicated architectural projects.

  • Broad Available Talent .
    It is essential to have highly qualified people who can provide reliable web application development as the need for frameworks grows significantly. Business owners should therefore select the best development firm to ensure quick application development that is market-ready.

Based on the surveys and uses of Angular, React, and Vue, we found that:

  • Compared to Angular, React and Vue offers more performance and flexibility.
  • React or Vue are better choices for lightweight applications, while Angular is better suited for complex user interfaces.
  • React and Vue are versatile because they let programmers choose their tools, whereas Angular offers everything while being prescriptive.
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  • Vue is the most well-liked and expanding JavaScript framework.

We hope that you can choose the best JavaScript framework or library for your web-based application after serving the objective for which you arrived at this blog post. Concerning almost all JavaScript frameworks and libraries, Lucent Innovation has unrivaled experience. You can engage a specialist front-end developer from us based on your specific needs to make the most of our JavaScript to accomplish your business objectives.

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