Maximize your time at Unite 2018

Maximize your time at Unite 2018

Shopify Unite is amazing conferences for designers, developers, app developers looking for new opportunities.

Attending unite is a most popular way to meet new people, learn new things, and level-up your skills. Such conferences give the new way to grow and more involvement within Shopify ecosystems.

But you really need to prepare yourself to maximize your time in unite.

Items on this checklist

Attending Keynotes

Keynotes are most important things in events where you get big updates from Shopify.  You will listen to most amazing person Tobi, Harley, Satish, Lynsey, Atlee, and Brandon.

Last year Tobi has given the amazing quote.

Take the Path That Leads to More Entrepreneurs - Tobi Lütke at Unite 2017

Do networking 

Please review attendee list in unite apps and make a list of partners you’d like to meet or potentially collaborate. Learn about their businesses, clients, and the work they do. Try to find what you can do with other partners, and how a new relationship with them could grow both of you.

Book Office Hours

Office hours are the best opportunity to schedule exclusive meetings with Shopify employees. Whether you’re looking for help to grow your business, designing Shopify stores, or developing Apps. Try to book office hours meeting in unite app and ask any question which helps you to grow your business and solve your or merchant pain points.

Attend Track Session

Track sessions are the opportunity for you to define your business goals. 

This year Shopify has created 2 different type of sessions

The session focuses on the user experience and technical capabilities of building and developing with Shopify tools, API etc.

This session mainly important for growing your businesses, as well as exploring new products and feature updates which you can client.

Final Tips

I know unite app has a lot of potentials to collaborates with other attendees, but I still suggest to keep few things with you

  • Share business cards with other partners
  • Keep brochures
  • Keep presentation ready if you have any app
  • Camera - To take as many pictures of guys, events, and even Toronto tourist place.
  • Meet Local Shopify agency.
  • Schedule meeting with other communities.
  • Update social media with events

Other things to follow 

Unite 2018