JavaScript - Unleashing the power of the web.

JavaScript - Unleashing the power of the web.



A scripting language that can be utilized to create and manage radical and effective web pages is JavaScript. It is any kind of thing or image that moves on your screen. It can be a write-up, symbols, image, graphic animations or even an automated Facebook timeline.

 It is the backbone of web development along with HTML and CSS.

  • HTML constitutes the structure of the page right from headers, text content or any images. It establishes the content of the page.
  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) will modulate how the page will look, which means the aesthetics. (It is used to add/change background colours, customize the fonts, etc.)
  • JavaScript makes your site dynamic and automated.

 Why so vital?

  • It is a default language that you need to learn for web development. It is one of the most well-known programming languages. You can utilize a lot of frameworks to create different applications but for everything learning JavaScript is vital.
  • It opens up a lot of avenues once you know it as it is now used in developing games, desktop applications development and also mobile applications development.
  • JavaScript is very flexible and used to create incredible, quick web applications, with a lot of customizations and a graphical user interface.
  • It empowers your browser and also makes them interactive.

JavaScript Applications

It is utilized in various fields and here are some of them:


1. Websites

How does your web page respond to actions or clicks? It is due to JavaScript, it lets you add behavior to your pages. Enabling them to perform complex actions and interact with visitors.

2. Web Applications

When you need your application to be more than just a static content page, you need JavaScript. It allows you to create robust and scalable web applications thereby adding interactivity and automation to your websites.

3. Mobile Applications

It is not only used for developing web-based applications but also for smartphones and tablets. React Native helps you build animated full-fledged mobile applications.

4. Games

Browser-based games have become quite popular recently and those are all because of JavaScript.

5.Server based applications

Node.js has led JavaScript to make its way from a browser into servers. Since that time it has been adopted by a lot of companies as a vital part of the back end structure.

6.Web Servers

Node or application framework. JS lets you create robust servers, many of which were previously created using the MEAN stack.

7.For Art

Digital art projects can be made by one of the latest features of HTML5 specification that helps the browser to create three-dimensional spaces.

8. Robots that can Fly

The most accessible programming language is JavaScript. Several commercial based machines make it possible to install Node.JS. It means you can program a flying robot with the help of JavaScript.

Features of JavaScript

When it comes to web development, JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages as per GitHub.




So let us look at some of the features to understand more about the language. There may be some old and some updated features of the language.

1. It is a Prototype-based language

In JavaScript, object prototypes are defined and thus more objects can be created using them. So it is a prototype-based scripting language and does not use inheritance or classes.

2. It is a lightweight scripting language

It has a limited set of libraries and is lightweight as it is made for handling data at the browser only. It is a great feature as it is only meant for the execution from the client-side for web applications.

3. It supports Dynamic typing

Here the variable type is decided by its value after the code runs the code at the interpreter. It means that if the value is an integer the variable will be an integer, and if the value is in strings the variable type will also be in strings. You can change the variable type later when a different type of data value type is assigned to it. For example

var a = 10; // int

var b = 'test'; // string


4. Functional approach

It means that JavaScript utilizes a functional style, objects also are created from the constructor functions and each represents a unique type of object. The functions in JavaScript can also be used as objects.

5. It is platform-independent

The main feature of JavaScript is it is portable, which means you can write a script once and run it anywhere or anytime. You can run JavaScript applications on any browser or platform without affecting the script output.

6. Reduce processing time

JavaScript supports Promise which will help you enable asynchronous requests where when a request is initiated JavaScript does not have to wait for a response. It also supports Async functions where they are processed parallelly which reduces processing time to a vast extent.

7. Validations from the Client-side

It is a feature that is available in JavaScript from the start and is still used widely. Here every website provides forms, where users can enter the value and ensure that they are correct proper validations, are put into place. JavaScript is used for the validations from the client-side.

8. Provides ample control in the browser

JavaScript allows developers to divide the processing between the server and browser since it reduces the load on servers by providing validations, basic processing and data saving temporarily using cookies on the browser itself.

 It also has a lot of other features like

  • Detecting the type of browsers, OS version names etc. information from the client for analysis.
  • Extensive library.
  • Support of inbuilt functions to operate on generally used complex data types like array, Maps, List, etc. 

The future of JavaScript

JavaScript has been around since 1995 and is constantly evolving since then. It has accelerated throughout the industry and become a backbone of web application development in a short time. JavaScript holds a bright future in the advanced technical age right from data analysis to machine learning.


 According to a survey, around 1.8 billion active websites worldwide utilize JavaScript 95% of the time. With the help of JavaScript, one can deal with the highest number of user engagements and unfold the new age of browser-based applications. The future of JavaScript shines bright and developers are always looking forward to learning new updates and utilizing them.


It has a lot of frameworks that are useful and always evolving and making new transformations in the Industry. In our next blog, we will be looking at various JavaScript frameworks and their expected trends in 2022.

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