JavaScript Framework - A framework that is changing the way we code.

JavaScript Framework - A framework that is changing the way we code.



JavaScript is one of the most well-known and popular languages that incites robust, functional, prototype-based and object-oriented programming styles.

 It has evolved significantly in a few years. Originally used only as a client language, JavaScript is also used on the server-side. It's the language of the web and is used in web development as well.

What is the concept of a JavaScript framework?

A framework that provides developers with the basic foundation required for developing JavaScript applications. Using an operation base, developers do not have to start from scratch once again, saving them a lot of time and energy.

The JavaScript framework determines the structure of the application. In the frameworks, this base contains a collection of JavaScript code libraries. This library will compile the code that extracts particular functionality for the specific sort of application according to your requirement.

What is the function of a JavaScript framework?

 All the types of JavaScript frameworks have their particular purpose. As it is one of the best durable and scalable options for web development. Building websites and web applications from scratch takes a lot of work. Web frameworks or JavaScript gain prominence because each web application or website has standard features. In simple words, JavaScript frameworks provide pre-written codes that will contribute standard programming features which eases development.

We noted in our previous blog that JavaScript remained the most popular and applied programming language in 2021, and this is also predicted for 2022. Talking about JavaScript frameworks the most well known was React JS.


1. React.js

It was launched by Meta (Then Facebook) in 2013. As can be seen in the statistics above, it is very popular among developers. So let us look at some of its features that make it so desirable and used frequently.


  • Open-source JavaScript library
  • It is declarative and makes UI development effortless
  • Component-based
  • Quick UI updates
  • Access to TypeScript
  • Simple and Effective
  • Support Native

React.js satisfies the intended outcome of swift, targeted and effortless development. It is mostly used in single-page applications, So, it is and will be popular and evolve in the coming years.

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2. jQuery

Now it is not a framework but a JavaScript library. It has a lot of functionalities.


  • Quick and small
  • Easy to use API
  • Works on multiple browsers
  • Very easy to learn
  • Developers can utilize a single line of code
  • HTML,DOM and CSS manipulation
  • AJAX and utilities
  • DOM element selection

3. Express

It was generated as free, open-source software to simplify web app and API development.


  • Quick with minimal backend framework
  • Helps in the development of node-based applications
  • Debugging
  • Faster server-side development
  • Routing
  • Middleware templating

4. Angular

It is one of the most effective and efficient open-source JavaScript frameworks. It is under the operation of Google and is used for creating single-page applications.


  • Minimal code framework
  • Angular CLI
  • Animation
  • Testing
  • Accessibility
  • IDEs
  • Splitting of codes
  • MVC architecture

2 types of data binding

It extends HTML into the application and develops the features for data binding. It is written in TypeScript and implements optional and core features that can be embedded into the application.

5. Vue.js

Developed in 2016 Vue.js is an open-source and progressive JavaScript framework. It has a lot of features Vue is used to develop sophisticated SPAs. Vue is easier to collaborate with different projects and libraries as the core library of Vue is centered on the view layer.


  • Binding of data
  • Handling events
  • Directories and Templates
  • Components and Animation
  • Virtual DOM

6. Angular.js

Released in 2010 Angular.js is an open-source front end framework. It is used for developing web applications.


  • Component router
  • HTML compiler
  • MVC architecture
  • Dependency injection
  • Templates
  • Components
  • Testing and DOM control structures

With Angular.js you can use HTML as a template language and extend its syntax to define various components of your application.

7. Svelte

An open-source front end framework it is a favorite amongst developers for creating quick and scalable web pages.


  • Lightweight
  • Highly responsive
  • Minimal use of code
  • It's a compiler first and foremost
  • Component-based UI framework later
  • No virtual DOM
  • Splitting of code
  • Reactive
  • File-based routing

It performs the tasks simultaneously as you develop the application.

8. Next.js

A minimal JavaScript framework is mainly used for React-based static and server-rendered applications development.


  • Client-side routing
  • Automated code splitting
  • Built-in CSS and SaSS assistance
  • API routes
  • Page based routing system

9. Ember.js

An open-source productive JavaScript framework is Ember.js that utilizes a component service pattern. It includes everything that is required to build a user rich interface.


  • Ember CLI
  • Ember data
  • Ember inspector and services
  • Components

Ember.js comes with a lot of layouts components and backend architecture that will allow the developers to create application-specific tags, moreover, you can create an entire stack effortlessly with the help of Ember.js

10. Meteor

Meteor.js is an open-source framework that can be seamlessly rendered on the client as well as server-side. It is made using Node.js and developers favor it to build cross-platform and web applications.


  • Full-stack solutions
  • Development ecosystem
  • Isomorphic JavaScript code
  • Easy database integration
  • Live reload

Easy integration with the help of MongoDB and Distributed Data Protocol to deliver changes to data without any kind of complicated code.

Other frameworks like Backbone.js is also a developer favorite to build single page applications and enables client side web and mobile applications. Nuxtjs and Gatsbyjs are one of the trending frameworks nowadays.


As the JavaScript framework continues to evolve, it’s important to understand the purpose of each framework. There are so many JavaScript frameworks out there, it can be tough to determine which one is best for you. While some frameworks are very similar, others serve a specific purpose. We hope you’ve found this information helpful. Please visit Lucent Innovation for more information on our projects using the JavaScript framework and trends.

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