Inject Speed and accuracy into your sales through automation.

Inject Speed and accuracy into your sales through automation.

E-commerce automation can make and save your millions of dollars by simplifying the complexities that can stunt global growth, reducing manual or repetitive tasks, and automating front and back-end workflows.

Exclusive to businesses powered by Shopify Plus

  • Automate flash sales, product releases, and sell $2 billion on autopilot
  • Offload 200 million decisions that have saved 1.6 million hours
  • Decrease the risk of order duplicity, human error, and inventory stockouts.

The fastest-growing brands are doing something significantly different to grow sales this holiday season. It’s an advanced way to scale rapidly and responsible, in part, for selling …

Over $2 billion in total gross merchandise volume (GMV) since its release less than a year ago on Shopify Plus.  Saving 2,000+ businesses 1.6 million hours by offloading resource-draining and repetitive tasks.

This holiday uses automation to expand capabilities at lower costs, and break records.

If you want to harness the power of e-commerce automation in time for the holiday using this impressive suite of new tools.

Shopify Launchpad: Help you pre-plan, schedule, and automate holiday flash sales and major campaigns as well as instantly launch the next. you can track its success by viewing the app's real-time, analytic dashboard.

shopify lauchpad

Key features and capabilities :

  • You can use Launchpad to automate the following tasks:
  • Barring your online store for a set duration of time before the start of an event to build hype and anticipation.
  • you can change or increase inventory levels at the start of an event.
  • Scheduling line item and shipping scripts to modify prices and grant discounts at checkout.
  • you can Change the product pricing at the start and end of an event.
  • you can Publish selected products to your sales channels to release them at a chosen time and date.
  • you can Schedule creative and theme customizations to better highlight the products involved in the event.
  • Gathering data about the success of the event.
  • Enabling Captcha for the duration of the event to check bots from placing orders.

Since its release in April 2017, Launchpad has helped Shopify Plus businesses generate over $3 billion in sales … on autopilot.


Shopify Flow: you can put repeated, manual, and time-consuming holiday tasks on autopilot to focus on higher value tasks, without any coding.

shopify flow

Key features and capabilities :

  • You can use Shopify flow to automate the following common tasks:
  • Tagging high-value customers.
  • Flagging and canceling high-risk orders.
  • you can Send reordering requests when your inventory levels become low.
  • Identifying and adding tags to products based on their title or SKU (stock keeping unit).


Using Flow, 2,376 Shopify Plus businesses have offloaded 150 million decisions and 20 million tasks in the eight months since its launch.


Shopify scripts: can increase conversions when they matter most with automatic discounting, dynamic pricing, shipping thresholds, and custom payment options.

shopify scripts

You write scripts using the Shopify Scripts API, which uses a limited version of the Ruby programming language. You can write, edit, manage and publish scripts using the Script Editor. The Script Editor provides templates to help you write scripts and a debugger to help you test them.

Learn more about Shopify scripts, Shopify launchpad & Shopify flow.

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