What is GDPR? How will Shopify work with GDPR?

What is GDPR? How will Shopify work with GDPR?

EU's (European Union) new data privacy law is about to implement. GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is EU's new law and will be affected from May 25th, 2018. It additionally requires that organizations handle that Data safely and responsibly.

The GDPR doesn't require individual data to store in Europe. The GDPR requires just that if the Personal data of European inhabitants are transported outside of Europe, at that point that data must be sufficiently ensured.

GDPR recognizes three profiles with regards to taking care of information:

1. The Data Subject,

2. The Data Controller,

3. The Data Processor

The GDPR will effect on all databases, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, HR.

Shopify is knowing that each business is unique, and some of those may require more arrangement than others to conform to the GDPR. Shopify completely trusts that they will conform to the GDPR the minute it produces results and that users will have the capacity to utilize Shopify platform in a way that additionally agrees to the GDPR from the start. Since Shopify believe it is very much important that you confide in Shopify's data protection practices, Shopify needed to share the particular advances it has taken to help your endeavors (and our own) to plan for the GDPR.

Shopify has taken care of the implementation of GDPR, It has updated Terms of Services, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Privacy Policy Generator, Marketing opt-in. Shopify has prepared Whitepaper to explain how they are approaching the legal requirements under the GDPR. Shopify has also Prepared a document to help users to identify the next steps as they become Ready for the GDPR.