How to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

How to Increase Your Ecommerce Conversion Rate

Some Conversion Rate Optimization strategies are as follows:

⦁ Avoid confusing offers

A confusing offer will almost always lower your conversion rate. If you confuse your visitors, they’ll likely click away. If you want people to download your latest resource, you have to make your offer crystal clear. Check out these examples:

⦁ Download my e-book!
⦁ Get my free e-book!
⦁ Snag a free copy of my best-selling ebook on conversion rate improvement!

They get clearer from start to finish. In the first example, people don’t know what the e-book is about or how much it costs. In the second, they know it’s free, but they have no idea about the subject matter. In the third example and used more compelling verbs and adjectives to increase engagement.

⦁ Remove All Distractions from the Page

When you want a high conversion rate, you need to keep your visitors’ eyes on the prize. In other words, you want them focused exclusively on the offer.

Removing the navigation bar that appears on most of your website pages can have a dramatic impact. So can eliminating any distracting visual elements.

⦁ Test the Main Elements

Running A/B tests on the primary elements of your landing or sales page is very useful. These could include the following:
⦁ Headline
⦁ Product image
⦁ Product copy
⦁ Product video
⦁ Bullet-point copy
By testing these individually and changing up your approach, you can figure out how best to reach your target audience.

⦁ Watch Your Visitors in Action
It is good to know exactly what a consumer does when he or she lands on a sales or landing page. Watching a recording of your visitors in action can lend you plenty of insight into their interests.

You can see where they click, for instance, and when they scroll.


There are many "best practices" out there when it comes to CRO but, ultimately, you need to find out what your customers respond to, and what drives results for your business.
Follow these steps for optimizing your own website’s conversion rate:

⦁ Calculate your conversion rate and compare it with the industry benchmark to check the potential for improvement.
⦁ Experiment with CRO strategies to discover what works for your business.

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