How can a CRM system- Microsoft Dynamics 365 help grow your business in 2022?

How can a CRM system- Microsoft Dynamics 365 help grow your business in 2022?

Do you have excessive spreadsheets and disconnected procedures on your hands? Or is it possible that your present CRM system is outdated and causes more difficulties than it solves?

Disconnected processes can result in duplication of work and a lack of clarity in enterprises. If your data is segregated, group members may fail to discover the information they require, and the same data may need to be entered many times in different documents and apps. This makes security and data protection more difficult to handle.

End-users who are forced to perform repeated, time-consuming tasks unnecessarily suffer from an obsolete system. Having a detrimental influence on service excellence and team productivity is unavoidable. While this system may have satisfied your needs when it was first introduced, its lack of scalability and versatility may now be a roadblock to future expansion.

What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 and How Does It Work?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables mid-market businesses to better manage their connections with customers, prospects, and employees. It contains a set of cloud apps for managing several corporate functions, including sales, operations, and accounting.

Employees may use Dynamics 365 to be more efficient, strengthen client connections, and gain more business. Its business intelligence tool also provides executives with vital insights into productivity and prospects.

How Can Dynamics 365 Help Your Business?

  • Get to Know Your Customers Better.
    Give your customers a consistent experience with guided processes and intelligent automation that delight them and make it easier for users to acquire important data and make the best choices. Users will have a clearer perspective of your consumers, be able to customize interactions and develop deeper relationships with clients with a single location for all your company data. You can also provide more timely service and improve anticipated needs if you have a single source of truth.

  • Safeguard Your Company's Information.
    Data saved in spreadsheets, offline documents, and many independent apps cause a data security issue because it's more difficult to control their use, back up data, and verify that the appropriate security measures are in place. Dynamics 365 with the Microsoft Power Console consolidates information in a single, secure digital location, providing for more control over data security, compliance regulations, and user access permissions. 

    Microsoft, which already spends approximately $1 billion a year on research and development, has quadrupled its investment in cyber security to guarantee that all of its products are secure across the board, with adaptable security mechanisms that can be tailored to specific business requirements. You can regulate user access and privileges in Dynamics 365 using role, record, and ground security controls, all while knowing that your data is stored on Azure safe data centers across the world and is protected with multi-layered security.


  • Automate Your Workflows.
    Dynamics 365 may be customized to integrate operations and replace manual chores with automated processes, maintaining compliance in line with your company regulations, thanks to Microsoft's unique technology and some innovative thinking. Saving your employees from tedious, repetitive labor makes them happier, helps you make better utilize your resources, and speeds up your operations.

  • Influence the way you report.
    With Dynamics 365 and Power BI, you can establish a data-driven culture that increases business results, whether it's tracking sales growth, client satisfaction ratings, marketing initiatives, or lead conversions.

    It's easier to query information in real-time, use visual representations to find insights, and make intelligent choices when all of your data is in one place. Rather than spending some time gathering data from many sources to generate reports, this allows for quick decision-making based on reliable facts.

    Within Dynamics 365, you can view native, configurable dashboards to track crucial indicators. You can take it a step further with Power BI and generate rich dynamic visual representations to help you discover trends and highlight valuable intelligence so you can follow up proactively.

  • Your Business Apps Should Be Connected.
    Microsoft Business Applications, such as Dynamics 365 and Office 365, run on the Microsoft Power Platform, which is a single platform. Your data is saved in a standardized format and accessible to use across recognized apps because they all run on the same platform and use the same data service (Dataverse). Your data may be readily accessed, shared, and stored using Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Outlook, as well as SharePoint and Teams.
    In terms of Power BI visualizations, the Power Platform includes Power Automate for advanced workflow automation and Power Apps for developing connected apps that handle additional situations and address business concerns.

  • Take Advantage of Flexible Pricing.
    You can make sure you're only spending for whatever you need using a variety of licensing options. This offers the ability to acquire a variety of user licenses across a variety of subscription terms.
    Select the CRM modules you need, and then assess the number of access capabilities required for each user on a per-user basis. A standard Team Member membership may be sufficient for wish to avoid or those with just minimal usage requirements, resulting in significant cost savings.

  • Make Consistent Progress.
    While a major specially made project may be a suitable fit for some businesses, others prefer to start small by deploying a system with minimum customizations to the Dynamics 365 system out of the box. This is constantly developed and improved after the original launch to boost performance even further. This is a popular choice for businesses wishing to cut expenses upfront, simplify the adoption, and achieve immediate wins. Using the Elevate 365 managed solution, Preact will assist you in making continual changes and adjustments to improve CRM efficiency and results.
    Microsoft is always innovating and improving its technology and product capabilities. You can be confident knowing your CRM system can grow with you thanks to regular upgrades & two major upgrades each year.

Wave 1: Features of Dynamics 365 2022

Microsoft has released the major plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 2022 Release Wave 1, the very first major upgrade of the year. During April 2022 and September 2022, this upgrade will be available, introducing a variety of new functionalities to the applications.

Wave 1 of the Dynamics 365 with industrial cloud release for 2022 adds new features and functions to help you improve your business. Hundreds of new features will be accessible across a variety of Dynamics 365 applications, including Advertising, Marketing, Customer Support, Customer Care, Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Corporate Center, Customers' Needs, and Customer Voice. Microsoft's regular updates keep you up to date and give you more business options.

In 2022, a well-functioning and highly user-friendly CRM solution will be required. Dynamics 365 is a versatile CRM system that can be configured to your exact specifications without the need for customization. We can tell you from personal experience that deploying CRM provides your company with a sense of security and structure. There's no need to be concerned about leads that aren't followed up on or data that is misplaced on a local hard disc.

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