Hacking Holiday with social media

Hacking Holiday with social media


Social media can increase brand awareness, allows you to interact with your target audience, and can ultimately turn your online audience into customers—if you’re doing it right! Last year, 51% of internet users tapped social media to get gift ideas for the holiday season, while 50% used social media to find discounts, coupons, and other sale information for their favorite brands. What does that mean? That means that during the holidays, half of U.S. shoppers are actively looking for things to buy!

Carousel Ads: Carousel Ads on Facebook are a highly effective way to showcase a variety of products that can be directly linked to your website with a call-to-action button. Just make sure your images are engaging and appealing!

Like Campaigns: Like campaigns are a very important part of paid social. Putting ad dollars behind a campaign that specifically calls users to “Like” your Facebook page brings in more followers, which means more people see your posts.

Deals/Promotions/Contests: Integrate your social media efforts to amplify your marketing tactics this holiday season. Post about deals, promotions, or online contests to both increase engagement online and to get people either into the store or to visit your website.
Example: Host a promotion that says if you like our company on Facebook, you’ll receive 15% off your entire purchase in-store. (This means more likes on your page AND more people coming into the store to use the coupon!) "Buy” Buttons.

As mentioned above, 50% of U.S shoppers look to social media for gift ideas. How great would it be if instead of clicking a link to get to the product they want to buy, they could just hit a button and buy it without ever having to be redirected?! Well, that totally exists. Pinterest has a “Buy It” button, where you can pay for what you want within the website. The same goes for Facebook and Instagram. This makes shopping super easy for customers. It saves them time and cuts out the distraction of being redirected to another webpage.

Ad Campaign: If you want to be super creative, you can create an entire ad campaign focused around the holiday. For this type of tactic, it’s important to speak to your customer’s values, interests and desires, rather than pushing your product onto them. The most successful ads this time of year don’t even mention a certain product at all.

Take Advantages of Facebook Chatbots: According to G2 Crowd, Facebook chatbots are the next big thing in marketing. Up to 85 percent of all customer-business interactions will take place without a human intermediary by 2020. Content delivered through Facebook Messenger had an open rate of 80 percent and a click rate of 13 percent. The same content delivered through email had an open rate of 33 percent and a click rate of 2.1 percent. In other words, email was completely outclassed by Messenger. Our advice? Consider implementing a chatbot on your business' Facebook page to promote your holiday sales!