Grow your business through this top 5 Shopify app.

Grow your business through this top 5 Shopify app.

More than  1200 apps in Shopify App store you ’ve got a lot of options may be that create confusion in your mind and obviously, you want the extraordinary function in your Shopify store that’s why we thought it would be a good idea to highlights top 5 most useful apps.

You want to improve email marketing, convert your customer account page to classic look, know what’s your brand image into customers mind that’s app definitely an app for that.

Here they are!


You want startup or grow your business but you have not any warehouse for stored your inventory or You are need of a business product to sell. Oberlo can help you to import product directly into Shopify store when you receive the order they will ship the products directly to customers.not worry about the warehouse, shipment or packaging. They are helping thousands of people like you to find a product to sell on Shopify.

Drag and Drop page builder

If you want to build the highly attractive landing pages for your Shopify app but you don't have strong knowledge of coding,  You can design your own page using shougn drag and drop page builder,  This app allows you to import or edit existing page just drag and drop! no coding required it's easy for you to manage the whole site with this application. If you have strong knowledge of code, you can write your own HTML, CSS, javascript code built custom drag and drop elements it's also developer friendly as well.

mail chimp for shopify

Now you want to market your business and reach to customers with offers or new products, Most popular and efficient way is email marketing. MailChimp allows you to integrate your MailChimp account with your Shopify store, which in turns add your customer to MailChimp account, so you can also start email campaign based on buying behavior of customers and easily promote your store, MailChimp has many options to collect emails from visitors in  Shopify store, i.e. popup, scroll boxes, embedded and top bar.


Now the customer wants to see status of an order and previous order etc, Shopify default account page I very basic. Here an app Flits play a new role, They are totally different from an existing system. Flits convert your customers account page to new look. Flits have few important features as well i.e store credit, social login, wishlist, reorder, recently view product, customer profile that will help you upgrade customer account page, Flits supports multipass login which is exclusively for Shopify plus merchant. Flits have one special feature store credit which is kind of personalized incentive that adds value to a customer, the customer can earn store credit based on his/her buying experience. Flits app help you increase customer loyalty for your brand. product review

It’s time to get customer feedback for their purchase and retarget new customers, is allowed customers to see recent reviews, add a new review in product page itself. this provides a way for your customer to engage with your product, Addition to this Judge Me provide full-featured review app with an email review forms, pictures, social push, rich snippets in product page that will help you to boost your Shopify SEO and get more traffic and build trust in your brand.