Create your Google Shopping Data Feed

Create your Google Shopping Data Feed


If you are interested in selling your products through Google Shopping, setting up your Google Merchant Center account is the first step. After that, it is time to create your product feed. Your product feed tells Google about the products you want to sell and contains all the essential info; product name, images, price, description, etc.... This is essential as it will help Google display your product on Google Shopping when a shopper searches for a similar item.

Steps to set up your Google Shopping Product Feed

  • Step 1: First go to your Google Merchant Center account.  Click Products > Feeds, and then click the blue “+” icon.
    • Step 2: Next enter your country and language. This data is important as it determines which demographics will see your products.
      • Step 3: Next, name your product feed and choose how you will enter your product information.


        Using the Google Sheets option, you can upload your own spreadsheet or use a template provided by Google Merchant Center. You can also create an upload schedule depending on how often you update your inventory. 


        Go to Step 5 if you want to choose a template provided by Google Merchant Center or Step 6 if you want to create your own template.

        • Step 4: Enter the following required product attributes in the Google spreadsheet, from Step 4, as Google uses them to create your Google Shopping ads:
          1. id — Your product’s unique identifier. Use the SKU if possible. Example:A234
          2. title — Your product’s title. It should match the product landing page. Add any specifics that shoppers may search for, such as size, color, or style. Example: Crosters Leather bags, brown
          3. description — An accurate description of your product. It should match the product landing page. 
          4. link — The URL of your product’s landing page. Should start with http or https. Example:
          5. image_link — The URL of your product’s main image. Should start with http or https. Example:
          6. availability — Your product’s availability. Match the availability from the product landing page. Example: In stock
          7. price — Your product’s price. Match the price from the product landing page and the currency from the country in which the product is predominately sold. Example: $50.00
          8. google_product_category — The Google-defined product category for your product. Include the single most relevant category. 
          9. brand — Your product’s brand name. Provide the name generally recognized by customers. Example: Crosters

        Check here for the full list of Google’s Product data specification here. 

        • Step 5: If you choose to use the template provided by Google Merchant Center, the spreadsheet will already reflect the product attributes as column headers.
          • Step 6: If you choose to create your own spreadsheet, enter your chosen product attributes as the column headers. Fill out the respective data with each product as its own row. If an attribute doesn't apply to a product, leave that cell blank. When complete, simply upload the document to Google Merchant Center.

            That’s all! You have successfully created your product feed.

            To access your product feed on your Google Merchant Center account, go to Products > Feeds > Primary feeds.


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