Avoid These Mistakes When Starting Your Dropshipping Business

Avoid These Mistakes When Starting Your Dropshipping Business

Choosing the wrong niche is one of the major mistakes every drop shipper is making every new day. Choosing your dropshipping niche is a major decision when you are starting your. When you’re ready to open your dropshipping store take care to avoid these common mistakes:

Large and Heavy items

Heavy items are one of the most avoided products in the dropshipping business because heavy product weight means huge shipping costs! And heavy products are also very difficult to return. Customers may think twice before purchasing it from a supplier that doesn’t offer an easy return policy.

Delicate or Fragile Products

Selling delicate and fragile products make poor dropshipping products. They can break easily during shipment and you may be on the hook for refunds or unhappy customers when they open their box only to discover a product in pieces. This could lead to negative reviews and less repeat orders from unsatisfied customers. So avoid adding fragile items like glass, ceramics, etc on your online dropshipping store.

Products That Can’t be Advertised 

Advertising your store and products is a major pathway to bring in new customers to your dropshipping store. Examples of such items are drug-related items, surveillance-related stocks, and cannabis items (in most countries) too. Make sure to review the advertising policies of any platform you’re thinking of advertising on; Google, Facebook, Amazon, Instagram, etc...


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