A Minimalist Python Framework: CherryPy

A Minimalist Python Framework: CherryPy

What is Cherrypy?  

Cherrypy is an object-oriented Python framework that is used to create web applications. CherryPy is a Python-based web application framework that makes it easy for CherryPy developers to create powerful and scalable web applications with minimal coding. This mature framework has been around since 2002 and is still maintained and used by many developers. It runs on top of the Python programming language and uses the built-in WSGI server for serving web pages. It also provides its web server, meaning developers don't need external servers. Furthermore, CherryPy is designed to be flexible and customizable, so developers can build applications that meet their requirements.  

Asynchronous programming allows CherryPy to handle numerous requests simultaneously, one of its primary characteristics. This enables the framework to scale to meet high traffic volumes without stuttering or crashing.  

CherryPy offers CherryPy tools, a powerful and user-friendly utility. With these tools, developers can create reusable code that can be used across several application requests. Tools can be used to add common functionality to your application without starting from scratch every time, such as logging, caching and authentication.  

Additionally, CherryPy supports a variety of template engines, such as Mako, Jinja2, and Genshi, enabling developers to select the one that best suits their application.  

The flexibility of CherryPy to connect with other Python modules and frameworks is another important aspect. It may be combined with other frameworks, such as Flask or Django, enabling programmers to utilize the advantages of each framework while creating their applications.  

With a large selection of plugins and extensions available to enhance the framework's functionality, CherryPy is also very extensible. These plugins and extensions cover everything from database integration to authentication and authorization.  

CherryPy is renowned for being quick and portable. It may be used on smaller servers and devices because of its minimal memory footprint. The framework also incorporates several optimizations to enhance performance under severe loads, such as request queuing and connection pooling.  

Features of CherryPy  

Features of Cherrypy

Extendable: Easily helps you use all the Python tools and libraries without any trouble.  

Ascendable: CherryPy applications can quickly scale to help you add more users.  

Unlimited: No limit in choice of technology for Tempa, database, and architecture.  

Straightforward: It has a very simple syntax and rules of coding.  

Data Masking: The modules are independent and use data abstraction to reduce complications.  

HTTP servers: The application can be hosted on its own HTTP server.  

Quick Implementation: The web app can be implemented on any WSGI-compliant gateways without additional costs.  

Flask vs CherryPy : Which one is better? 

A comparison between Flask and Cherrypy shows that both the frameworks are similar to one another but differ in popularity. 





Flask is a micro-framework that just offers the bare minimum in terms of managing HTTP requests and answers 

CherryPy is a full-stack framework that comes pre-integrated with support for a wide range of standard web application capabilities 


Flask offers a decorator-based way to construct URL routes  

CherryPy handles URL routing using a hierarchical object model. 


Flask and CherryPy both support Jinja 2 engine 

CherryPy additionally supports Mako and Cheetah engine 

Asynchronous Support 

Flask needs third-party libraries like asyncio or gevent for asynchronous support, 

CherryPy offers built-in support for asynchronous programming using coroutines. 


It has a larger community with more third-party extensions and plugins 

CherryPy has comparatively a smaller community 

Looking at the comparison, we know that Flask is for developers who desire a simple, flexible framework with a big ecosystem of available extensions and plugins. CherryPy, on the other hand, is recommended for developers who seek a full-stack framework and are prepared to invest more time learning its design. It has built-in support for many popular web application features and excellent performance under heavy loads.   

Why should you use CherryPy?  

A short learning curves. You can get started with Python experience thanks to the framework's use of built-in Python conventions. It offers tools and plugins for quicker development like ordinary Python applications. Nearly every computation framework has its tools, but CherryPy also supports using pre-existing Python libraries. Using CherryPy for your online service would give you a great time to market if you or your team are proficient in Python.     

  • Adaptability - The main benefit of choosing CherryPy over other Python-based frameworks like Django is that it gives developers greater flexibility by not requiring them to adhere to a specific structure. You have more freedom and control to decide how to develop your services, what standards to adhere to, etc.  

  • Versatility - Web services like RESTful Web Services (RWS), WSDL, SOAP, and others can be created with CherryPy. By incorporating many other Python modules, you may use it to create things like e-commerce websites or authentication systems.  

  • Cost-Effective - CherryPy has a built-in HTTP server for hosting an application on various gateway types, making it simple and affordable to deploy.   

When should you use CherryPy?  

One overlooked gem of Python web tools is CherryPy.  Each Cherry application has its own multi-threaded HTTP development server, allowing it to function as a standalone Python web application. CherryPy is advised for -     

- With its built-in features, it is a fantastic framework that is ideal for creating REST APIs.  

- Appropriate for little-scale applications that demand quick development.  

- When you have experienced professionals because CherryPy's documentation isn't well-organized.

Top Companies that use CherryPy 

Five leading businesses power their online presence with this Python framework.     

  • Spotify This well-known music streaming service uses CherryPy to manage the daily access of millions of customers to its website and mobile apps.  

  • Reddit - CherryPy is used by Reddit, the internet's front page, to manage the site's continual traffic and user interactions.   

  • Dropbox- For its users' secure management and sharing of huge files, this file hosting service uses CherryPy.    

  • Quora - The daily influx of questions and replies is efficiently managed by CherryPy on this question-and-answer website.    

  • Yelp - CherryPy handles all of the user-posted reviews, images, and updates on this well-known review website.  

A simple Python web framework is CherryPy. It is made to adhere to the simpler and more modular Pythonic approach to creating web apps. Even though it is not the most well-known Python web framework, it is still one of the top Flask alternatives. Our minimalist approach allows us to easily create straightforward Create, Update, Retrieve, and Delete (CURD) web applications.  

Most businesses today have coding requirements that developers must help create and maintain.  For instance, you must keep your company's website or app updated to continue offering excellent customer experiences. You may even need to redesign your website or app. At this point, working with a developer is essential.  

Depending on the size and stage of your product and services, you may need to engage a CherryPy developer, several developers, or a whole remote developer team to help keep your business going. If you run a website or are a startup, your product will evolve from its basic form. CherryPy Developers working remotely full-time can help maintain your website for you.  

CherryPy is a Python web framework that is small, user-friendly, and offers a flexible, effective approach to creating web applications. CherryPy makes it simple to develop scalable and reliable online applications thanks to its integrated HTTP server and various features like sessions, caching, and authentication.  

Databases, templates, and front-end frameworks may all be easily integrated with CherryPy thanks to its modular architecture and extensible design.  

CherryPy offers a strong basis for constructing high-performance and maintainable web applications, whether building a simple blog or a sophisticated web application. Both novice and experienced developers will find it an excellent choice due to its simplicity and flexibility.  

Flask vs CherryPy

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