6 Ways to Optimize your Google Shopping Data feed

6 Ways to Optimize your Google Shopping Data feed


If you, as an ecommerce merchant, advertise your products on Google Shopping, then it is very important that you optimize your data feed as it will improve your return on investment on Google Shopping.

Here are 6 things you can do to optimize your Google Shopping Data Feed

  1. Add trusted merchant reviews

    Reading positive reviews from trusted merchants websites’ increases the confidence of a new potential customer to buy from your ecommerce store. 

    Below are a few major US review sites trusted by Google:

    • Google Checkout
    • Yahoo.com
    • TrustPilot.com
    • RateItAll.com
  2. Add Rich Snippets to your Google Shopping Feed

    Rich snippets contain additional info alongside the title, description, and website url in a typical search results. They can contain info like reviews, ratings, and price. Rich snippets have a higher click-through rate because people prefer to click on the result that looks more enticing and provides more info up front. Below is an example of rich snippets:

    These resources can help you get started:



  3. Optimize Keywords in Product Titles

    Use keywords that you already rank well for in Organic Search because chances are high that you will rank well for them in Google Shopping as well.

  4. Optimize the Product_Type Column

    There is a notable improvement in traffic for merchants who adhere to Google's unique product_type values .  If you optimize your product_type column, this will enable Google to place your products in the appropriate category and funnel more qualified leads to your store.

  5. Add UPCs

    Adding UPCs or universal product codes to your data feed can improve visibility on Google Shopping. If you don’t know or remember your UPC, the below steps can help you find out:          

    • Perform a somewhat generic search for one of your products on Google Shopping
    • Click the Compare Prices button for the item that corresponds to the item you’re looking for
    • Confirm that this is the product you want the UPC for
    • Scroll down to the Details section where you’ll find the UPC, Brand and Part Number

    Add UPCs to the GTIN column in your Google Shopping feed and you’re all set.

  6. Troubleshoot Data Feed Errors

    Be sure to keep logging in to your Google Merchant Center frequently to make sure that your data feed isn’t being rejected or resulting in errors.

This is a good place to continue your research. It’ll give you good info on how to create a new data feed: https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/7439882?hl=en

Next, read this Onboarding Guide by Google: 


This is a learning process and will take some time to figure out. If you’re on Shopify,

check out their app store. There are some really good apps that can sync your store with

Google and simplify the process.

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