I.T Outsourcing: The Very First Step to Digital Business Excellence

I.T Outsourcing: The Very First Step to Digital Business Excellence

“The important thing about outsourcing or global sourcing is that it becomes a very powerful tool to leverage talent, improve productivity and reduce work cycles.” – Azim Premji 


As new cutting-edge technologies appear and get integrated into daily life, modern organizations have begun to deal with uncertainty. Every organization, from start-ups to established corporations, seeks to digitize its operations through the use of cutting-edge outsourcing techniques. At different stages of development, outsourcing is a terrific approach to support your company. Every business needs to strike a balance between internal resources and external partners in order to ensure continual sustainability and production.

The most current Gartner prediction predicts that global IT spending will reach $4.5 trillion by the year 2022, an increase of 5% from 2021. The second biggest spending rise in 2022 is anticipated to be in strategic outsourcing, which includes consulting and management solutions. Additionally, it is anticipated that over the previous five years, technology and business consulting, a subset of IT outsourcing, will increase by 10%.

Worldwide IT Spending Forecast (Millions of U.S. Dollars)


2021 Spending

2021 Growth (%)  

2022 Spending

2022 Growth (%)  

2023 Spending

2023 Growth (%)  

Data Center Systems







Enterprise Software














IT Services







Communications Services












Overall IT







Source: Gartner (January 2022)

Organizations are relying more on outside IT consultants as a result of the widespread adoption of corporate transformation, cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and AI-based procedures. Companies that outsource can quickly close the gap between their internal resources and competencies and their digital business strategy.

Speaking of bridging digital divides, it's imperative that every organization understand how to strategically plan its outsourced operations.

How Should Your IT Outsourcing Strategy Be Outlined?

Any IT organization, regardless of size, must determine its unique requirements in order to choose an outsourcing strategy that is tailored to meet those objectives. You could indicate the following in your outsourcing plan to make it effective:

Determing your IT Outsourcing Strategy

  • Determine the Right Time to Outsource

There will come a point where you'll realize the administrative work is out of control or the client demands are growing, compromising the overall quality of the work. The best candidates should be sought out at this point in order to handle the time crunch without compromising the caliber of the work.
  • How to Choose What to Outsource

To improve job productivity and time management, many general duties might be outsourced in a generic scenario. They can range from testing to ancillary duties like data center administration and last-minute client demands. There will, however, always be situations where you must assess the requirements unique to your requirements and make an informed outsourcing decision.
  • Specifying objectives

To locate and select the best candidate for your projects, it is crucial to comprehend and develop clear objectives for your activities and business. If it doesn't, it could lead to communication problems, uncertainty, trouble understanding, wasted time, compromised job quality, and conflict within the team.
  • Financial Planning

Planning a reasonable and exact budget for outsourcing would be the next step. Not only will this assist you in selecting your top candidates, but it will also enable you to budget for unforeseen expenditures associated with logistical, new demands, and much more. The best results occur when outstanding work is completed within a predetermined budget.
  • Select a business model

The next step involves taking into account every element mentioned above and selecting a successful business strategy that will partially meet your needs. However, in order to make the right decision, it is crucial to carefully research and evaluates a variety of business strategies.
  • Making Agreements and Monitoring Progress

Outsourcing resembles a partnership in several ways for a particular project. In order to safeguard the interests and obligations of both parties, it is crucial to incorporate this into a legal arrangement. To ensure maximum production, it is also crucial to monitor the development of the outsourced project. Additionally, it will foster a sense of teamwork and keep people accountable.
  • Keeping accurate records

Here, we are discussing both the job documentation and the legal contracts. Making sure that the documentation is correct is crucial because it could be utilized in the coming times for updates, problem fixes, references, and much more.

    Different IT Outsourcing Services

    What kinds of IT outsourcing services are available, and which one will best meet my needs, is the next issue. Your needs should fit into one of the following categories of IT outsourcing services, according to our resources:

    • Outsourcing based on projects

    In the IT sector, this outsourcing service is the most well-known. This is sometimes referred to as offshore or nearshoring depending on the various engagement patterns. The compliance employs a service for a certain project, and only this project's agreements and bindings are completed. They are only responsible for and cater to the needs of this specific project.
    • Service-based research and development facilities

    Here, you outsource your R&D to offshore platforms to get the knowledge, instruments, and procedures necessary to withstand the marketplace. In order to advance its initiatives, the corporation develops offices across the globe and recruits' staff from IT outsourcing businesses.

      What Should Be Outsourced and When in IT?

      You might be unsure of all that you can outsource and just what those entails. There are several things you can outsource when developing your IT outsourcing strategy. What matters most is determining which tasks may be safely outsourced and which should be done internally.

      You can outsource the majority of the following IT services:

      • Customization of software
      • Develop mobile applications
      • QA and software testing
      • Database Administration
      • Development of MVP
      • Cloud administration
      • Designing UI/UX
      • Upkeep and Support

      When Should you Outsource?

      The following situations are the most likely ones in which you should outsource your IT development requirements:

      1. When you're pressed for time
      2. When there are financial constraints
      3. When there are not enough knowledgeable resources
      4. When there are security concerns

      Benefits of Outsourcing IT

      You may be sure to benefit from the many benefits of outsourcing your company's IT services as long as you put forth a proper IT Outsourcing strategy. Look at the main advantages:

      Benefits of I.T Outsourcing by Lucent Innovation

      • Pricing Based on Services

      You can more effectively manage your budget by only paying for the services you really receive from the service provider.
      • Reduced Labor Cost

      It enables you to save time and dollars by avoiding the drawn-out hiring, training, and documentation procedures for temporary personnel.
      • Expert Assurance 

      Outsourcing offices go through the full hiring process to guarantee that the developers they assign to you have the necessary training, credentials, experience, and certifications.
      • Higher Productivity

      Because time is not wasted on superfluous chores, productivity rises as more urgent jobs receive attention. Better outcomes are guaranteed by this kind of delegation because fewer resources are devoted to each task.
      • Tech-related Advantage

      For a task, specific technology might be needed in some circumstances. The best course of action in this situation is to outsource in order to save money on recruiting and training a new expert for this particular work.
      • Keeping up with competitors

      The practice of outsourcing is gaining popularity. All sizes of businesses consider it to be the better choice. In order to compete on such a level playing field and maximize output, choosing outsourcing services has become essential.

        How to Solve IT Outsourcing Problems

        Data privacy and security, control of information, connectivity, and disaster recovery are some of the most commonly discussed disadvantages or downsides of IT outsourcing. There is a good chance that you may outsource your software development to an overseas company, in which case you must collaborate in a different time zone. Thus, choosing a mode of communication in advance is essential.

        Your choice of outsourcing vendor will have a significant impact on the IT outsourcing plan you develop for your company. It is essential that you seek out a trustworthy outsourcing firm rather than just one that is affordable. You can try contacting the vendor's former customers to get their feedback or get confirmation after reading their reviews on different sites 

        How does Lucent Innovation meet your technical needs?

        With an eye toward your company's requirements, Lucent Innovation offers scalable custom software development services. Software consulting, enterprise software development, product development, software, and API integration, and other services are all part of outsourcing development service offering.

        We are the best choice for you because our development experts have experience managing a variety of projects at various levels of complexity.

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