How is Scrum implemented within Lucent Innovation?

How is Scrum implemented within Lucent Innovation?

What exactly is Scrum?

We might say it is a superior method of creating products.

Scrum is a process for dealing with complex adaptive difficulties while generating and providing high solutions in a timely and creative manner.

People frequently confuse scrum and agile because scrum emphasizes continual improvement, which is also a basic premise of agile. Agile is a mindset, whereas scrum is a methodology for getting things done. You can't truly "go agile" since it takes the entire team's commitment to change how they think about delivering value to consumers. However, a framework such as a scrum can assist you in thinking in this manner and practicing incorporating agile ideas into your daily communication and work.

Scrum is a pragmatic framework built on continuous learning and adaptation to changing recognizes that at the outset of a project, the team does not know everything and that knowledge is gained by experience. Scrum is designed to let teams adapt naturally to new situations and user needs, with re-prioritization built into the procedure and short release cycles allowing your team to learn and grow continuously.

Although scrum is structured, it is not restrictive. Its implementation can be adjusted to any organization's needs. There are numerous theories regarding how scrum teams should function to be effective. Meanwhile, we've learned that whatever methodology you use, effective communication, transparency, and continuous improvement should always be at the forefront. Everything else is up to you.

The term that we hear many times in Scrum is Sprint.

What is the meaning of Sprint in Scrum?

A sprint is a timed period during which a scrum team works to fulfill a particular amount of work. Scrum and agile approaches are built around sprints, and getting sprints properly can help your agile team release better products with fewer issues.

Sprints assist teams in adhering to the agile principle of "delivering high-quality software often," as well as the agile value of "adapting to change in a planned manner."

Throughout the Sprint:

There are no adjustments made that will jeopardize the Sprint Goal;

The Product Backlog is updated as needed, 

 The scope may be defined and restructured with the Product Manager as additional information becomes available.

Scrum Events

Specified events are being used in Scrum to maintain consistency and reduce the need for non-Scrum meetings. All of the events are timed. A Sprint's duration is definite once it begins and cannot be altered or extended. The subsequent events may conclude anytime the event's goal is met, ensuring that a sufficient length of time is invested without wasting time. The Scrum Events are as follows:


Planning of Sprints.

Daily follow-up.

Review of Sprint.

Retrospective of Sprint.

Below we tell you about how Scrum is applied at Lucent Innovation and it has been a huge advantage for us.

We have discussed Scrum above here is a bit more about it :

Scrum is a framework for project management that emphasizes teamwork, accountability, and iterative progress toward a well-defined goal. Scrum helps teams work together more efficiently and effectively to complete a goal. This approach has continuously aided in the improvement of the organization, collaboration, and communication. Agile Scrum methodology is a system that relies on incremental development. Scrum is a specific Agile methodology that is used to facilitate a project. Each iteration consists of two- to four-week sprints, where the goal of each sprint is to build, prioritize the most crucial elements and produce a potentially potential to utilize. There are numerous scrum tools and techniques available like Jira, Scrumwise, Yodiz, etc.

We at Lucent Innovation use the Good-Day Management tool. There are 3 mentioned Agile practices we are practicing here:

  1. The Daily Standup- This is a very short meeting (15 minutes or less) that gives the team an opportunity each day to touch base and share information, which has increased the transparency and the communication amongst the team. 
  2. The Retrospective- This meeting gives continuous improvement, At various points during the project, the team assesses how they're performing. 
  3. Customer Software Demos- This meeting shows working software to the customer at appropriate points at different phases throughout the development to manage the customer expectations. 


                                 Scrum at Lucent Innovation

Scrum is the most popular Agile project management framework because of its simplicity and high performance. 

Pros of using Scrum Methodology

  • Flexibility.
    Scrum is a project management system that is designed to respond to change quickly and positively.
  • Quick and Reliable Value.
    Value is provided to stakeholders (typically customers) earlier on throughout the project's lifecycle in a Scrum project.
  •  Defined Team Roles.
    Everyone on a Scrum Team understands their job and the responsibilities that come with it. This is a great safeguard because nothing is overlooked.
  • Agility.
    Although Scrum originated in the software business, its ideas and practices can be used practically any place. It can also be used to handle both medium and big projects.
  • Collaboration has been enhanced.
    Scrum allows for and encourages better teamwork and coordination.


Finally, owing to its efficiency and great performance, Scrum is the most common Agile project management framework. It takes advantage of a need for a sense of achievement, positive feedback, and ownership of work done within a teamwork environment. We have gained a lot of benefits from utilizing Scrum at our organization.

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