Lucent Innovation: Exhibiting at TECHEX (USA)

Lucent Innovation: Exhibiting at TECHEX (USA)

Lucent Innovation at AI and Big Data Expo (TECHEX)

June 5-6, 2024 | Santa Clara Convention Center, CA | Booth No. 12 

Achieve a smarter future by preparing to tap into the potential of data at the expo DELIVERING AI & BIG DATA FOR A SMARTER FUTURE, North America. Lucent Innovation is excited to share our state-of-the-art services machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and data sciences services that are designed for growing business.  

What is in store for you at our booth:  

  • Dive Into Predictive Analytics Mastery: Explore our solutions, which use precise forecasts, trend predictions, and useful insights to transform decision-making.  

  • Discover Machine Learning Excellence: Experience how your data is hidden patterns, tasks are automated, and processes are optimized with our unique ML models.  

  • Interactive AI-Powered Business Intelligence: Gain real-time analytics and strategic insights for data-driven decision-making and explore the future of business intelligence. 

  • Watch Live Demos of Custom AI Applications: Witness how AI applications customized for your industry, ranging from manufacturing and healthcare to banking and beyond, are implemented.  

  • Expertise in Data Security and Governance: Find out about our strong frameworks to ensure the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of your valuable data assets.  

More than just a showcase, our booth offers:  

Exclusive Expo Offers: Access special discounts and promotions on our services. Whether you're looking at ways to enhance analytics, automate procedures, or start a data-driven revolution, Lucent Innovation has options for you. 

Networking Opportunities: Meet with our experts, industry leaders, and fellow innovators. Learn how Lucent Innovation can be your partner in leveraging the power of data science, AI, and ML.

Let us meet at Techex. 

Lucent Innovation is bringing its expertise in AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science to you!  Even if you can't catch us on any upcoming visits, Lucent will be exhibiting at AI and Big Data expo and will be in Santa Clara from 2nd to 9th June and Palo Alto from 10th to 16th June. Unlock the potential of your data with intelligent solutions.

Book a free consultation and get a chance to meet our CEO and CTO directly to discuss your specific needs and see how Lucent Innovation can turn cutting-edge technology into real-world results for your business.