Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: Customer Projects and Stories

Celebrating a Decade of Excellence: Customer Projects and Stories

As our company marks a significant milestone of completing a remarkable ten years in the industry, we embark on a journey down memory lane, reminiscing about the incredible projects and stories that have shaped our identity. These past years have been a testament to our commitment to excellence, innovation, and, most importantly, our unwavering dedication to our valued customers.  

We are on the verge of a significant chapter in the fantastic adventure of Lucent Innovation, where every year, we witness a story of creativity and progress. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, attention naturally shifts to the hidden heroes of our story: our CHERISHED CUSTOMERS.

In this particular blog post, we unveil our Customer Projects and Stories yearwise that have not only defined our success but have also created lasting impressions in the realms of creativity, collaboration, and achievement. Join us as we celebrate a decade of growth, challenges, and triumphs, showcasing the remarkable partnerships that have fueled our ascent.  

The Pioneering Encounter: A Tale of First Clients in 2013. 

When Lucent Innovation first started in 2013, fate brought us together with three highly creative companies — LED World, Oxi Classified, and Kothari Eye—that were our first clients and had very different ideas waiting for innovation in technology.      

Kothari Eye, a brand known for optical accuracy, was first in line. Our job is to show them why they need a website. Having a presence online is crucial. We succeeded in convincing them, and our first project was creating a WordPress website.  

LED World, a luminary in lighting solutions, was the next stop. We set out to display their genius in an interactive online environment, and what emerged was a beautifully crafted Magento store that exuded brilliance.   

Next came Oxi Classified, an ambitious project aiming to reinvent online classifieds with a website in OpenCart. As a result, was developed, ushering in a new era of digital categories.   

The absolute marvel, however, is not the code itself but rather the way each collaboration began— a first pitch made without much thought beforehand. During those first meetings, we built trust, synchronized our visions, and prepared the groundwork for ten years of innovation, expansion, and steadfast client support.   

Not merely projects; these were the initial brushstrokes on a canvas that would eventually become the colorful adventure of ten years for Lucent Innovation.    

2014 - The second year was a tidal wave of varied clientele.     

Deka - We had never heard of Shopify before this. The creation of a Shopify store was our task. From her introduction to her knowledge of the store, Deka's adventure with us transpired smoothly. Their brand is now perfectly reflected in their digital marketplace.   

Vivvo - With script installations and eye-catching template themes, Vivvo's startup aspirations came true, and a solid digital foundation was established.   

CN Coaching - Our diligent efforts, combined with the power of PHP, allowed CN Coaching's website to flourish in the world of virtual classrooms. To ensure a seamless learning environment, we integrated online payments and enabled teacher registrations. We had never heard of integrating Internet payments before.  
Rayu Colours: Rayu Colours wanted to create a website that reflected the vibrant nature of their brand by seamlessly fusing frontend and backend development. Every click on the website, from data gathering to elegance, reflected the grace of sarees.   

Our Learning really started from the second year.    

2015 - Personalized Tools and Customizations were our Frontrunners  

Swak Design and Society Plus  - With their client-specific design websites, Society Plus and Swak Design pioneered bespoke fashion in the first year of our journey. Swak Design's bespoke software changed the game by enabling users to contribute their ideas and provide personalized solutions. The combination of innovative software and an approachable methodology signaled the start of a revolution in online retail.      

Dream Land Jewelry reveals Alisha's Dream Collection -  Dream Land Jewelry made a splash by launching the Alisha-design jewelry custom tool. Using core PHP on the backend and fabricjs on the front end, the brand skillfully combined technology and handiwork.  
This year, it demonstrated how creativity and coding can work together to create a personalized tool that makes it easy for customers to try.  

Big Shoes Follows the Magento 2 to Shopify Plus Migration Path - Big Shoes decided to advance by switching from Magento 2 to Shopify Plus. The procedure called for meticulous attention to detail, much like a digital shoemaker's skill. The blog explores the nuances of this change, illuminating the difficulties encountered and the successes attained in the e-commerce industry.       

Trunki's Journey - More Than Just Luggage  

We created a state-of-the-art solution for Trunki that lets users add a variety of colors to their luggage. By enabling customers to make custom and distinctive designs for their Trunki baggage, this creative approach not only improves brand engagement but also gives customers a more personalized travel experience. The app is a reflection of our dedication to offering personalized, interactive solutions that improve the travel and adventure industry's client experience.  

Tara Pearls Shine in Elegance  

With the timeless beauty of Tara Pearls.We created unique features that make the website stand out. From an introduction to AWS to custom code logic for a spectrum of colors, Tara Pearls exemplifies how an online presence can be as exquisite as its pearl collections.   

2016- Transformative Shopify Plus Projects in India

As we step into the new year, we reflect edon our remarkable collaborations with leading brands. Dessert Farm, Blue Water Photo, and John Jacobs Eyewear embarked on transformative Shopify Plus projects in India, seamlessly migrating from open-source platforms to Shopify. 
Innovations continued with Ben and Frank, introducing a phone tilt feature for appearance and custom designs on Shopify. A game-changer emerged as we pioneered the "Trial at Home" concept for the first time. Lensfit and Specmeter, proudly representing Indian brands, witnessed a digital evolution with our expertise.  
As we welcome the new year, these success stories illuminate the path of innovation and growth in the e-commerce landscape 

2017- This year was an advent in new Technologies

Lenskart: An Unclouded Vision for MERN Stack Success   

We used the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js) in our partnership with Lenskart to create a web application that completely changed the online spectacles shopping experience. We prioritized efficiency, scalability, and simplicity.   

Libereka: Redefining Educational Platforms using Node.js and React.js. Libereka, an acknowledged player in the education industry, received a digital makeover thanks to our Node.js and React.js skills. The blog tells the tale of how these technologies were purposefully used to redesign the website, giving users an easy-to-use and entertaining way to navigate the learning environment. Learn how Libereka embraced innovation to increase its online presence, from better user interfaces to better performance.   

Eat Cake Now: Using Custom Vendor Management to Cut Through Complexity. We took on the task of improving Eat Cake Today's company operations through the creation of a unique Vendor Management System. The blog tells the story of how this customized solution changed everything by simplifying vendor administration and opening up new possibilities for productivity and cost savings.  

2018- It was the year we coded Magic for our Customers

Teabox: Lucent Innovation transformed Teabox's online presence with a major website makeover. Teabox had a surge in conversions, improved SEO performance, and extended localization due to its improved product display, faster website, and better user experience. Find out how Lucent Innovation improved Teabox's reputation in the cutthroat tea industry.   

Moonglow: The Magnificence of JavaScript in Online Jewelry Shopping      

We helped a well-known online jewelry retailer, Moonglow, to provide a distinctive JavaScript-powered buying experience. We used the magic of JavaScript to improve design, functionality, and interactivity, setting Moonglow apart from the jammed online jewelry marketplace.   

Unpay: Using JavaScript Magic to Simplify Payments   

Using the strength of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, Lucent Innovation creates a hosted payment gateway that is effortlessly connected with Shopify. We assisted Unpay in streamlining online transactions and giving Shopify businesses a seamless payment experience. We performed some magic with code that changes the way hosted payment gateways are offered.   

2019 - Improving User Experience was our Forte. 

Fizzy Goblet: Using Customization Features to Boost Shopify. An enhancement was made to Fizzy Goblet's Shopify website by adding extra functionality and customization options. By offering distinctive customization possibilities, Lucent Innovation improved its user experience. It made their online platform more dynamic and engaging, which reflected Fizzy Goblet's dedication to providing unique and creative buying experiences.  

PeeSafe: Using React to Create a Flowing Shopify Experience .PeeSafe's foray into the digital world started when Lucent Innovation painstakingly built a Shopify website from scratch using React. This custom solution established the groundwork for a robust e-commerce platform in addition to guaranteeing a fluid and responsive user experience. We used React's features to customize the website to PeeSafe's unique requirements and give their consumers a cutting-edge, practical buying experience.  

 Jean Patrique: Lucent Innovation started a transformative journey for Jean Patrique by utilizing Shopify, HTML, SCSS, and Liquid to rebuild their website totally. By combining these technologies, we were able to create an online platform that is both aesthetically pleasing and very functional. The redesigned website displays Jean Patrique's products with refinement and flair, reflecting their dedication to quality while also providing a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience for their patrons.    

2020- Created Robust Solutions in Vendor Management 

My Easy Monogram: Using Spring Boot and React JS to Boost Dropshipping: Our Drop shipping app with the power of React JS with Spring Boot helped our client immensely. React JS maintains consistent performance by ensuring code stability and friendliness to search engines. Our app became a robust solution for smooth Drop shipping experiences with the addition of security, compatibility, and independence provided by Spring Boot.   

Julia B: Personalized Excellence in Vendor App Development: For Julia B, we developed a unique Vendor App that combined print management and monogram design. Our custom solution improved quality with its user-friendly layout and practical features. Innovation and technology came together to create this custom app.   

2021- We made some Noise by collaborating with huge names in the industry.

Noise: We used React JS to Develop Revolutionary Websites. Noise underwent a digital transformation as we used React JS to fuel its growth. Noise stood out in the crowded digital market thanks to the revolutionary website construction, which not only improved the aesthetic appeal but also made sure that the brand had a solid and active online presence.      

The Man Company: Transforming Online Vision. As part of our partnership with The Man Company, we set out to transform their online presence. We improved their brand identity and created an engaging online experience for their audience by strategically developing their website, which helped The Man Company become a trailblazer in the grooming sector.   

Nicobar: Using JavaScript Magic to Improve Lifestyle E-Commerce. Our use of JavaScript and enhanced tools like React and jQuery improved the performance and scalability of Nicobar's lifestyle e-commerce site. The integration of these technologies enhanced the user experience and established Nicobar as a streamlined and effective e-commerce platform for lifestyle enthusiasts.   

Symphony: Using React and Node to Streamline Operations. Lucent Innovation demonstrated efficiency by creating a unique application with React and Node. Their order system was automated by this custom solution, which improved workflows and increased overall operational effectiveness. The digital transformation of Symphony reveals the effectiveness of customized applications in bringing corporate procedures up to date.   

Raintree: Personalized Software for Smooth Functions. We created a customized application for Raintree that helped with order batch management, shipping, and smooth connection with delivery services. Raintree's logistics were optimized by this unique solution, demonstrating the value of tailored software in promoting effective corporate operations and client pleasure.  

2022- We explored the world of Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Data Science.  

BlockFenders: Easy and Secure Data Migration. Together with Blockfenders, we created a simple and secure way to move data between several platforms. Our safe solution gave Blockfenders a dependable and effective way to handle their data with ease while guaranteeing data integrity during the conversion process.   

Mighty Jaxx: Connecting Cryptocurrency Wallets and Websites. We created a middleware solution for Mighty Jaxx that acted as a link between their website and well-known cryptocurrency wallets like Coinbase and Meta Mask. By enabling safe transactions and improving user experience, this integration put Mighty Jaxx at the forefront of the fusion of e-commerce and blockchain technologies.   

Venture Capital Firm: Using an Internal Platform to Streamline Investments. We developed and placed into use an internal platform with a venture capital firm that was specifically designed to track the investments made by all parties for the FinTech world. With the help of this custom solution, investment management became more transparent and efficient, enabling the company to easily keep a thorough overview of its portfolio and make well-informed decisions.   

Good Earth: Reviving the Website for Timeless Elegance. We refurbished Good Earth's website, which resulted in a revitalization of their online presence. Our revamp, which aimed to capture the spirit of classic elegance, improved both the user experience and the visual appeal, giving Good Earth a digital storefront that befits its sophisticated brand.   

2023- A year of A.I and Machine Intelligence. 

Jade Blue: A Smooth Transition and Rejuvenation on Shopify. As part of Jade Blue's digital transformation process, a smooth transition from Magento to Shopify was achieved by utilizing GraphQL and Shopify's combined strength for a reliable API connection. In addition to ensuring a seamless transfer, we rejuvenated Jade Blue's online appearance with this migration, building an aesthetically pleasing and intuitive platform that perfectly captures the refinement and style of the brand.  

Drape Story: Improving User Experience and Aesthetics. We created an aesthetically pleasing website for Drape Story that improves the user experience in every way, surpassing mere aesthetics. Our emphasis on creating customized images gave a special touch and made sure Drape Story had a unique web presence. The product is a website that draws users in and offers an engaging and joyful experience.  

Celebrate with us as we look back on a decade filled with creativity, passion, and the unwavering spirit of teamwork. We encourage you to join us on this journey as we present our Customer Projects and Stories, marking the significant moments that have shaped who we are and looking forward to the fascinating new chapters that lie ahead.   

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