10 Top Features of the Shopify Summer Update 2024 You Need to Know!

10 Top Features of the Shopify Summer Update 2024 You Need to Know!

Designed to increase your store's efficiency, customer interaction, and security, the Shopify Summer Update 2024 comes with over 150 new features that are especially helpful for Shopify Plus users and their partners. Get the expertise you need to stay ahead, from improved analytics to AI-driven technologies. Shopify Plus partners can make use of these new features to offer their customers even more value and support, giving them a competitive edge in the ever-changing e-commerce market. 

Highlighting Shopify's Summer Update 2024 

The 2024 Shopify Summer Update redefines the game for retailers. With over 150 new features, it's designed to improve your store online, streamline operations, and boost your sales. Some of the key features include: 

  • Powerful tools that improve operational efficiency 
  • Innovative features that enhance customer experiences 
  • New integrations with popular apps and platforms 
  • Enhanced security measures to protect your store and customer data 

And most importantly, targeting the perfect customers is most important for Shopify Audiences in improving conversion rates. Shopify has thought of everything to help you achieve business growth in the very competitive e-commerce landscape. Upgrade your Shopify stores now and avail yourself of these exciting new advanced features! The update encompasses betterment across various aspects of the Shopify platform, making processes smoother, quicker, and more cohesive. So, whether you want to move global, power up omnichannel with new capabilities, or use new AI-driven tools, the Shopify Summer 2024 update is bound to have something for you.  

Central Command Center: Markets 

One of the standout features of the Shopify Summer Update 2024 is the new Markets command center for Shopify Plus users. The center of all this management is a centralized hub for running cross-border sales, B2B operations, and point-of-sale transactions from a single platform. That way, you can streamline your operations and focus on scaling up your business rather than getting in the middle of tools and systems.  

This simply means that the expansion of B2B operations and management of wholesale selling can be easily performed for Shopify Plus merchants right from their Markets Command Centre. You can define a store based on the unique market demands of various regions with customizable buyer experiences, all from one storefront. This degree of control and flexibility is a game-changer for businesses seeking to scale globally.  

Enhanced Analytics: Real-Time Insights 

Real-time data access is indispensable in the swift-moving ecommerce environment of today. Shopify’s enhanced analytics feature streams live updates on sales, visitors, and other key metrics directly to your dashboard. Real-time data allows swift, informed decision-making, resulting in optimal store performance. Additionally, Shopify Audiences leverages data for targeted advertising, helping you reach the right customers more effectively. 

The new customizable dashboard allows you to: 

  • Tailor how and what data is presented, meeting your specific business needs 
  • Gain in-depth insights into your store’s business performance with detailed and custom reports 
  • Identify trends, optimize operations, and enhance customer experiences 
  • Stay ahead of the competition with this level of insight 

Split Shipping for Improved Checkout 

The Split Shipping feature is a significant addition to the Shopify Summer Update 2024, providing buyers with greater clarity and control over their shipping choices. With this feature, customers can see clear shipping options and estimated delivery times for multiple shipments, enhancing their shopping experience. 

For sellers, Split Shipping allows you to: 

  • Offer different shipping methods and speeds for each part of an order, giving customers more flexibility and control 
  • Improve customer satisfaction 
  • Streamline operations, making it easier to manage complex shipping requirements. 

Leveraging AI with Shopify Magic 

A set of AI-powered solutions called Shopify Magic is released in the Summer Update 2024 with the goal of empowering business owners by boosting innovation and productivity. These tools improve efficiency and user-friendliness by streamlining a variety of corporate processes. Shopify Audiences is one of the AI-powered tools in Shopify Magic.  

Shopify Magic utilizes artificial intelligence to revolutionize your business operations, from managing everyday tasks to enhancing customer engagement. We shall now examine two integral components of Shopify Magic that promise significant influence. 

Sidekick: Your AI Business Assistant 

Meet Sidekick, your new AI business assistant integrated into Shopify. Sidekick is designed to help you manage daily tasks and improve customer engagement effortlessly. Available whenever you need it, Sidekick offers personalized guidance and advice, making your business stronger and more efficient. 

As a knowledgeable Shopify advisor with technical expertise, Sidekick provides tailored business advice to help you navigate the complexities of running an online store. Sidekick provides support in marketing, sales, or operations, accompanying you at every stage. 

AI Image Generation Tools 

Shopify Magic also includes AI-enabled image editing tools that can generate, match, or remove product image backgrounds. These tools use deep learning to create images from text prompts, producing visuals ranging from realistic photos to abstract paintings. 

With AI image generation, you can instantly enhance your product images, making them more appealing and professional. Enhanced product images not only boost your store’s visual appeal but also contribute to a cohesive and appealing brand image. 

Top 10 Features of the Shopify Summer Update 2024 You Need to Know!

Creative Control with Shopify Style Settings 

The Shopify Style Settings feature gives you unparalleled creative control over your storefront. You can customize: 

  • Typography 
  • Colors 
  • Social media links 
  • Checkout settings 

across your online store, ensuring your brand’s unique look and feel is perfectly represented. This level of customization helps you stand out in a crowded market. 

From adjusting the thickness, opacity, and corner radius of interactive elements like buttons and drawers to setting up custom data with meta fields and metaobjects, the possibilities are endless. Logos can be added to the online store’s header and other significant areas with a customizable width of up to 300 px. 

With the ability to create up to 21 unique color schemes and apply animations like fade-in on scroll and hover effects, Shopify Style Settings make it easy to enhance visual interest and keep your store looking fresh and engaging. These advanced customization options ensure your store reflects your brand’s evolving identity. 

Revolutionizing Headless Commerce with Hydrogen Visual Editor 

Headless commerce is being revolutionized by the Hydrogen Visual Editor, which integrates Utopia, an open-source visual design tool, to make the process of creating headless shops easier. With its visual WYSIWYG editor, this tool makes editing accessible to all users, even those who are not technical.  

Key features of our platform include: 

  • Visual Collaboration: Collaborate in real-time with your team, making it easy to work together on projects. 
  • Syncing changes to GitHub: Seamlessly integrate your code changes with GitHub, ensuring that your code is always up to date. 
  • Integrated Data Management: Easily manage and integrate your data into your pages from metaobjects, Storefront API, or CMS. Developers can continue using their existing tools like VScode, GitHub, and CI/CD while benefiting from the simplified data integration into pages. 

Global Expansion Made Easy with Managed Markets 

Previously known as Markets Pro, Managed Markets simplifies international selling by taking care of tax filing, duties, and other related tasks, making the process more efficient for businesses, particularly for Shopify Plus users. This feature uses a merchant of record model to manage the financial and legal complexities of selling in international markets. 

With duties and import taxes included directly into product prices, pricing becomes transparent for international clients, enhancing their shopping experience. Managed Markets also offers expanded shipping options at checkout, making it easier for global customers to receive their orders. 

Enhancing Omnichannel Flexibility 

The Shopify Summer Update 2024 brings significant enhancements in omnichannel flexibility, making workflows faster and more integrated for a seamless customer experience. As a Shopify partner, a Shopify Plus partner agency can align sales channels, unify branding, and foster smooth connections between online and offline environments, ensuring a cohesive customer experience. Shopify Audiences plays a crucial role in boosting conversion rates across multiple sales channels. 

From in-store pickups to shipping from retail locations, these updates make it easier to manage and fulfill orders across multiple sales channels. We shall now examine two prominent features that amplify omnichannel flexibility. 

Ship To & From Retail Stores 

The Ship To & From Retail Stores update allows for in-store collection and direct shipping from retail locations. This feature boosts operational efficiency by enabling stores to fulfill online orders directly from their physical locations, streamlining the shipping process. 

Specific catalog settings for retail stores allow for flexible management of product pricing and display popular items based on location, enhancing the in-store customer experience. This level of flexibility is crucial for meeting customer expectations in today’s retail environment. 

Easy Retail Checkout 

New POS features introduced in the Shopify Summer Update 2024 include one-tap digital receipts, allowing for quick and efficient customer interactions. The point-of-sale system now automatically captures customer information during checkout, reducing manual input and errors. 

Streamlined return rules provide contextual guidance for staff, ensuring a smooth return process. The ability of the POS to automatically determine which products are returnable streamlines the return process and boosts operational effectiveness.  

Boosting Conversions with Shopify Audiences and Shop Campaigns 

Shopify Audiences and Shop Campaigns are powerful tools for boosting conversions, particularly beneficial for Shopify Plus users. By creating custom audience lists and leveraging retargeting strategies, these features help you reach the right customers at the right time. The data science team at Shopify continually tests multiple algorithms to find the best models for maximizing conversions and minimizing costs. 

Success stories like Nathan James and Happy Hippo showcase the impact of Shopify Audiences, with significant increases in conversion rates and reductions in customer acquisition costs. With seamless integration with major ad platforms like Meta, Google, Pinterest, and more, Shopify Audiences makes it easier than ever to run effective ad campaigns. 

Recap of Additional Notable Features 

The Shopify Summer Update 2024 also includes several other notable features aimed at enhancing various aspects of ecommerce operations. From online selling enhancements to improvements in in-person and wholesale selling, this update covers all bases. Shopify Plus users will find these new features particularly relevant as they offer advanced tools for scaling businesses. 

Additionally, the update introduces Shopify Audiences, which plays a crucial role in boosting conversion rates by helping merchants target the right customers more effectively. 

Online Selling Enhancements 

Product discovery is now quicker and more effective because of Shopify's integrated taxonomy, which supports over 10,000 categories and 2,000 attributes. The latest update also includes image filters for searching, helping customers find products more quickly. 

Additionally, the app Search & Discovery is free and available on the Shopify App Store, providing merchants with powerful tools to enhance their online store’s search functionality. Early access for the feature to issue store credit via Shopify has also started, offering more flexibility in managing customer transactions. 

In-Person Selling Improvements 

One of the key updates for in-person selling is the automatic recognition of Shop Pay users during transactions, which streamlines the checkout process by instantly identifying customers. Recognized Shop Pay users can receive digital receipts via their registered email, eliminating the need for paper receipts and making record-keeping easier for both merchants and customers. 

These improvements focus on enhancing the checkout experience and providing additional customer conveniences, ultimately contributing to sales growth. The improvements include: 

  • Smoother and more efficient in-person selling 
  • Boosting operational efficiency 
  • Building customer confidence 
  • Enhancing the overall shopping experience 

Wholesale Selling Innovations 

The new B2B theme introduced in the Shopify Summer Update 2024, called ‘Trade’, is designed to cater to different regions efficiently. This theme allows for enhanced B2B market customizations, enabling merchants to set up default store themes for different regions without extra costs. 

Additionally, merchants can now add a percentage-based deposit to their payment terms during checkout, helping manage wholesalers’ payment terms effectively. This new feature ensures that businesses can better manage their cash flow and reduce the risk of non-payment, making wholesale operations more sustainable and profitable. 


The Shopify Summer Update 2024 is a comprehensive package designed to elevate your ecommerce operations, particularly beneficial for Shopify Plus users. From the Markets command center and enhanced analytics to AI-driven tools and omnichannel flexibility, these updates cover all aspects of running a successful online store. The introduction of Shopify Magic and its AI capabilities, combined with new features for in-person and wholesale selling, ensures that Shopify merchants are well-equipped to meet the demands of today’s market. Additionally, Shopify Audiences plays a crucial role in boosting conversion rates. 

As you explore these new features, remember that the goal is to streamline your operations, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately drive business growth. With Shopify’s continuous innovation and support, your online store is poised for success in the ever-evolving world of ecommerce. Embrace these updates and watch your business thrive. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the purpose of the Shopify Summer Update 2024 for Shopify partners? 

The purpose of the Shopify Summer Update 2024 is to introduce over 150 new features aimed at improving commerce operations, streamlining processes, and enhancing customer experiences. This update focuses on enhancing the overall e-commerce experience for businesses and customers. 

2. How does the Markets command center benefit my business with customer data? 

The Markets command center benefits your business by centralizing cross-border sales, B2B operations, and point-of-sale transactions, enabling you to manage all configurations from a single platform. This can significantly enhance operational efficiency and streamline your business processes. 

3. What are some key features of Shopify Magic? 

Shopify Magic features AI-driven tools like Sidekick, an AI business assistant, and AI-enabled image editing tools for generating, matching, or removing product image backgrounds. These tools are designed to enhance the efficiency and visual appeal of online stores. 

4. How does the Split Shipping feature improve the checkout process? 

The Split Shipping feature improves the checkout process by providing buyers with greater clarity and control over shipping choices, offering different shipping methods and speeds for each part of an order. This can enhance the overall shopping experience and give customers more flexibility. 

5. What are the benefits of the new B2B theme 'Trade'? 

The 'Trade' theme offers enhanced B2B market customizations and allows for percentage-based deposits during checkout, catering to different regions efficiently. 

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