Summary of Data Science Meetup 2.0

Summary of Data Science Meetup 2.0


We recently hosted an incredible Data Science meetup at Lucent Innovation on 9th March’2024, and it was an incredible success. Our speakers were:  

Ashish Kasama- CTO of Lucent Innovation  

Ruchir Kakkad- CEO and CTO WebOccult Technologies   

Bhavisha Thanki- Data Science Intern at Lucent Innovation  

1. XGBoost: Revealing Its Power: A Talk by Ashish Kasama   

Ashish Kasama, our acclaimed CTO and founder, clarified the specifics of XGBoost, a potent tool for improving models in data science and machine learning. Everyone found the seminar enlightening due to his succinct delivery and straightforward explanations.   

2. A Discussion by Ruchir Kakkad on AI Demystified   

We had the opportunity to have Ruchir Kakkad, CEO and CTO of WebOccult Technologies Pvt. Ltd., electrify our meeting with his AI-related talk. During Ruchir's session, we went from learning the basics of AI to investigating its practical uses. We were motivated and excited to learn more about artificial intelligence after reading his detailed explanation.   

3. A discussion by Bhavisha Thanki on the Netflix Recommendation System  

The audience was well-informed and inspired by Bhavisha's talk, which offered a fascinating look into the complex inner workings of Netflix's recommendation system 

  • Understanding Netflix's Recommendation Algorithms: Bhavisha explored the inner workings of Netflix's recommendation algorithms, illuminating their operation and importance in augmenting the user experience.   
  • Types of Recommendation Systems: She described the different kinds of recommendation systems that Netflix uses, including content-based filtering, hybrid approaches, and collaborative filtering, and she explained how each works.   
  • Applications: Bhavisha talked about how Netflix's recommendation system is used in real-world situations, highlighting how it helps with user interaction and personalized content delivery.   
  • Factors Affecting Recommendations: She examined the various factors—such as ratings, genre preferences, viewing history, and contextual information—that affect Netflix's recommendation algorithms.

We also answered all the queries related to the exciting Datathrone Hackathon happening on March 16th and 17th, 2024.   

We had the POC of L.J University Mosam Pandya who answered all the queries related to the venue.  


The Lucent Innovation Data Science Meetup was a huge success, encouraging a lively environment of curiosity and information exchange. With topics ranging from the capabilities of XGBoost to the inner workings of Netflix's recommendation system and concluding with a stimulating conversation about demystifying artificial intelligence, the event provided insightful information for all kinds of data followers.

These talks offer a platform for additional research and creativity, regardless of experience level or level of inexperience. We invite you to study more about the subjects that caught your attention, try out some new approaches, and keep an eye out for the next gatherings so that the data science community may keep expanding and learning from one another.   

Lastly, Don't miss out on the next big thing!  

Join us at the DataThrone Hackathon on 16th and 17th March’2024 at L.J University.

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