AI in Content Writing: Meetup Takeaways

AI in Content Writing: Meetup Takeaways


The recent AI content writing meetup organized by Lucent Innovation was an engaging introduction to the world of effective communication, both AI-assisted and human-crafted. The speakers shared insightful knowledge with attendees, ranging from professional writers to curious beginners, including the fundamentals of content development and the tactical application of artificial intelligence. 

Our first speaker was Mr. Kandarp Patel, he is the CEO of Granth Creations, he is a dynamic individual with various accomplishments in entrepreneurship, a Limca book record holder and a Ted-ex speaker. With just persistence and creativity, he has created Granth, a successful 60-person content, branding, and advertising business, from the ground up. He manages a team that works with laser focus and adjusts to any situation, whether it's releasing novel concepts or carefully researching brands and markets.   


Kandarp Patel

The Triple Cs of Engaging Content 

Mr. Kandarp Patel, established the content framework by outlining the "Three Cs": Context, Content, and Connect. He underlined the significance of understanding the context and structure of your subject, providing meaningful and relevant information, and—above all—creating a strong connection with the people you are targeting. Whether you're writing an email, creating a company profile, or developing engaging social media content, this straightforward but effective structure may be used as a guide for efficient communication in all writing formats. 

AI: A Tool, not a Replacement  

Our next speaker was Aniket Mehrolia, our internal Growth and Digital Marketing Manager, he, has constantly amazed us with his innovative concepts, which have improved our knowledge of markets and companies. An expert in applying AI to a variety of specialized platforms for development, visuals, and content, he has made major contributions to e-commerce, real estate, healthcare, education technology, and now the IT sector. 

Aniket Mehrolia

Aniket Mehrolia questioned the notion that artificial intelligence would completely replace human writers. He argued in favor of using AI as a clever tool to enhance rather than decrease human talents. AI can be a useful tool for reducing writing blocks, scaling content creation, and saving time. He did, however, highlight the need for human subject matter expertise, idea generation, and making sure the audience receives a customized experience. 

Understanding Prompts:  

The session explored the advantages and disadvantages of writing prompts in detail. Participants discovered that exact and useful AI responses are produced by concise and clear suggestions. We also looked at how prompts may improve efficiency, affect the structure of what is expected outcome, and engage your audience in the discussion. The introduction of useful prompt writing frameworks like ACT, RACE, and COAST, along with engaging challenges, gave participants invaluable resources to fully realize the potential of AI-assisted writing. 

Beyond Text: Exploring AI Automation in Google Sheets  

The meetup expanded its scope to showcase the innovative world of Google Sheets AI automation. Attendees learned how AI capabilities can speed up data collection and analysis by automating data extraction from websites, databases, and APIs. The meetup provided a peek into the future of data-driven processes, from developing customized functions to carry out complex calculations to using web scraping for effective data collection. 

We are also thankful to our community partners Infinity AI, Open-Source Weekend, (PY’PRO)


Our meeting effectively covered the divide between conventional content writing guidelines and the rapidly developing possibilities of artificial intelligence. With useful tactics for producing engaging content, ethically utilizing AI, and navigating the always changing communication landscape, attendees went away feeling inspired. Developing great storytelling skills and using the appropriate technologies can help writers of all experience levels produce material that connects with readers and succeeds in the digital era. 

AI Content Writing Meetup