Building Stronger Teams: Lucent Team Off-Site at Midas Resorts

Building Stronger Teams: Lucent Team Off-Site at Midas Resorts

 Group of Lucent innovation team 2023

Lucent Innovation recently organized a memorable trip for its employees to the Serene Midas Resorts, nestled in a peaceful location amidst lush vegetation. The itinerary for the trip included one night and two days with the stay being a perfect combination of traditional art and modern amenities, an ultimate setting for soothing mind and body. 
The resort’s picturesque and tranquil setting made for an ideal opportunity for team members to participate in a variety of activities, ranging from adventure sports to group games. The team was able to have fun, appreciate each other's company, and nurture relationships that would be extremely useful at work.  

Lucent innovation team members splashin water in swimming pool
Despite the chilly water, team members thoroughly enjoyed swimming in the pool. They laughed and played together, enjoying each other's company while being surrounded by the abundant nature. Forgetting to mention the incredible food would be an unforgivable oversight; Every meal was scrumptious and we were impressed by the delicious food they served. 

Ashis Kashma and nitesh KashmaDifferent interests and preferences were considered when putting together the exercises.

The trip's activities included: 

  • Jungle trekking 

  • Rope walking and climbing 

  • Paint ball  

  • Burma Bridge 


Lucent team walking on burma bridge


Apart from the adventure activities, the trip also included some fun games and team-building exercises. These activities were designed to be fun and engaging, bring out the best in each team member and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

Rope walking activity - Lucent innovation

There were plenty of entertainment and enjoyable things to do in the evenings, including bonfires and live music performances. After a full day of activities and adventure, the team had some time to rest and relax. The colleagues grew closer through shared experiences and amusing tales in the dynamic and enjoyable environment. 

Lucent Innovation - campfire activity


Day 2 begun with an early morning jungle trek, an interesting activity to feel the nature all around and it was quite refreshing when compared to the concrete jungle of the city. How to forget the amazing jeep safari; It was a paradise for photography lovers as they captured beautiful and amazing pictures of the sunset and flora & fauna.  

Lucent Innovation Team at midas resort


The chance to speak and share things with the top leaders was one of the trip's highlights. The senior leadership staff was present the entire time and took part in all of the games and activities. This helped break down the hierarchy and create a level playing field for all the members. 

The trip had a significant impact on the team, and the effects were seen in the office environment after the trip; team members were more motivated and engaged at work. The teamwork and collaboration among the employees had improved vastly and were able to communicate better with each other, which helped to streamline the work process and improve efficiency. 

Lucent innovation team - jungle safari and tracking

To sum up, Lucent Innovation's team offsite to Midas Resorts was an enormous triumph. The employees had a fantastic time and had the opportunity to connect and socialize in a setting beyond the office. This excursion enhanced the work environment by fostering teamwork, engagement, and interaction among the staff. The trip served as evidence that team-building activities are critical in creating a robust and unified team. Lucent Innovation has set a great example for other businesses to follow, demonstrating that supporting employees' personal and professional development is essential for achieving success in business. 

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