How custom product bundles helped Trestique an eco-friendly cosmetics store to increase its sales?

How custom product bundles helped Trestique an eco-friendly cosmetics store to increase its sales?

How custom product bundles helped trestique an eco-friendly cosmetics store to increase its sales

Trestique Brief

Trestique is a makeup line that caters to ladies on the go with adaptable, convenient, and portable beauty products. These products are convenient and mess-free because they are in stick shape. The company is well-known for its multipurpose products, such as lipstick that also functions as a blush or an eyeshadow stick that can be used as eyeliner. The makeup by Trestique is made to make application easier while yet producing excellent effects. It is simple to create a unique cosmetic collection with the brand's customized beauty sets, which let clients choose the products they wish to include in their set.

Trestique has emerged as a refillable, sustainable makeup routine that is easy to apply, carry and even use. They are firm believers in sustainability and from there makeup compositions to their packaging everything is manufactured with the idea of being eco-friendly and re-utilizing resources.

Trestique Requirements

Trestique wanted to offer personalized choices and convenience to its customers. So, they decided to make product bundles. Product bundles are a great strategy to gain visibility and increase your overall sales and revenue. Making custom product bundles was their main requirement and need. So, they approached Lucent Innovation, and we started the process.

Lucent Innovation as shopify plus experts made custom product bundles and also added discount offers the checkout. The bundles can be modified from the checkout option also. These customized product bundles have made a huge impact on trestique’s revenue. When the option of choosing your products was given it was liked and the sales escalated widely.

Customize your kit

Customize your kit - Trestique

Find my Shade

An application known as selfie shade is made that allows you to take selfies and match them with the desired makeup products.

Find my Shade - Trestique

Solutions provided to this cosmetic brand

React JS

We did React JS Development as it has SEO-friendly features and stable code, and the performance of the application is consistent and maintained.  


Liquid development assisted in providing smart template engines. The themes that are built are secular and are applied to multiple stores in Shopify.  

Special customization of - Essential 8

Special Customization of - Essential 8

Benefits of custom product bundles

1. Improves the experience of customers 

It provides your customers an opportunity to select the product combined with their requirements in mind. Later letting them remove or edit products from the main bundle gives them a satisfactory experience.    

2. They do not feel pressured in making decisions

A lot of shoppers like choices but they get confused when there are a lot of decisions to make. Trestique has set up tailored recommendations using top-class product and customer matching algorithms which direct them toward their needs with the help of Lucent Innovation. This tactic has led to a lot of relief in decision exhaustion and closed many sales.  

3. Assists the customers to understand products better

To select their products to decide on a bundle. Customers have to go through each product or a set of products to decide on each bundle. This helps them to understand all the products and their features better.  

4. Quickens the inventory clearance

Inventory management is a vital part of any e-commerce business. When you do it right product bundling will help you move stock. 

5. Increase your revenue and average sales

Product bundling helped Trestique increase its average order value. This led to a boost in their total revenue. They also helped make informed business decisions based on customer experience.  

Infographics of Benefits of custom product bundles build by - lucent innovation team

Something from Trestique about Lucent Innovation:

Trestique testimonial for Lucent innovation


Trestique was able to streamline its online store operations, offer a more seamless shopping experience to its customers, and scale its business more efficiently. Additionally, creating custom product bundles allowed trestique to offer value to their customers by bundling complementary products together at a discounted price.

One of trestique's most popular products is their "Essential 8" set, which includes eight essential makeup products in travel-friendly, stackable packaging. This set has become popular among women due to its convenience and versatility, as it includes products for the face, eyes, and lips, making it an all-in-one solution for makeup on the go.  

Overall, trestique's migration to Shopify and its focus on creating custom product bundles has helped the brand gain popularity and offer more value to its customers. The Essential 8 set, in particular, has become a popular choice among women for its convenience and versatility.  

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