Nicobar: Developing a Custom Theme for a Luxury Brand

Nicobar: Developing a Custom Theme for a Luxury Brand

Client Overview 

Established in 2016 with the objective of developing a seamless and effortless lifestyle, Nicobar is an accessible premium clothes and home décor brand. Those that value simplicity, quality, and sustainability in their lifestyle choices make up the brand's target demographic. 

The company sells a wide range of products, such as apparel, accoutrements, home goods, and travel necessities. Nicobar's clothing collection is created from natural materials including linen, cotton, and silk and is influenced by traditional styles with a contemporary twist. The company's line of handcrafted home decor includes ceramics, glassware, and textiles, all of which are intended to give any room a touch of elegance and simplicity. 

Customers of Nicobar value the company's dedication to ethical and sustainable production. In hopes of creating distinctive and high-quality items, the company uses sustainable sources for its raw materials and collaborates with artists and craftspeople. Customers of Nicobar are drawn to the brand's affordable luxury positioning because it enables them to enjoy premium goods without going over budget.

Client Requirement 

The main requirement was to upgrade the collection and product page, with all of the below added features and functionalities. 

1.The client wanted an upgraded theme architecture on their website. 

2. For a better customer experience they required flexible store content. 

3.Collection and search filtering in a Shopify search and discovery app so that customers can find the products easily.  

4.Geolocation based content show. 

5.Translation language label. 

6.Block type limit set. 

7.Google one tap sign in – Pin code-based delivery. 

8.Voyager- A membership program. 

9.Country Switcher. 

10.Nico Radio 

How we did it? 

  1. Our first step was to understand the client requirements and evaluate the current theme architecture. Understanding their need for a better, modern, and responsive website we have upgraded the theme architecture for them. 

  1. Features that enable greater freedom and customization of the structure and content of an ecommerce store include the file picker in meta fields, new meta fields integration, and liquid input settings. 

  • In a Shopify store, meta fields are optional personalized fields that can be added to products, collections, and orders. With our new meta field's integration, Nicobar used meta fields to create more customized content, such as additional product details, pricing information, and shipping options. 

  • It is simpler to manage and display these files within the store thanks to the file picker in meta fields, which enables store owners to upload and manage files like images, documents, and videos directly within the meta fields. 

  •  The ability to alter the store's layout and design using the Shopify Liquid programming language is referred to as liquid input settings. This gives store owners the ability to add or change features and content, such as altering the appearance of product pages or developing new page templates. 

  • These features have provided greater flexibility and control over the content and structure of Nicobar, making it easier for them to create a unique and engaging shopping experience for customers. 

3. Collection and search filtering tools, Shopify search and discovery apps can assist customers of Nicobar to find the products they need more rapidly and effortlessly, leading to a better shopping experience and higher customer satisfaction. 

Nicobar luxury brand Product page

4. Geolocation based content show means the ability of a website or app to display content based on the physical location of the user. This means that the content displayed to a user may vary depending on their location, as determined by their IP address or other location-based technologies. This geolocation-based content show has helped Nicobar provide a more relevant and personalized experience to their users, which has led to increased engagement and conversions. We have used API for geolocation tagging. 

5. Translation language in labels has allowed Nicobar to display the same content to all users, but with labels translated to their preferred language. 

6. Block type refers to the visual layout or structure of the block, such as a block of text or an image gallery. The limit could be in place to ensure that the content within the block is visually consistent and fits within the overall design of the Nicobar website. 

7. Google One Touch Sign In is a streamlined authentication method developed by Google that allows users to check in to websites and apps quickly and easily using their Google account. With Google One Tap Sign In, users can skip the traditional login user registration and instead sign in with a single tap or click. 

a. Pin code-based delivery helps customers for express delivery by entering their pin codes and checking out.  

 Pin code-based delivery - Nicobar Site Screen shot

8. We have created a Voyager membership program for Nicobar. 

 Voyager membership program of Nicobar

Voyager membership program benefits of Nicobar

9. Nicobar’s country switcher function enables visitors to move between various regional versions of the site according to their location. 

10. Nico Radio. It is integrated with Shopify by creating a curated playlist. 

Nico Radio - Integrated Spotify Playlist

 Technologies Utilized 

  • Shopify Liquid 

  • CSS 

  • JavaScript 

  • React 

We have overcome all the challenges by creating an open line of communication with Nicobar and always being transparent. 


Nicobar has received a very positive outcome by adding all of these different features and functionalities. 

  1. Enhanced user experience: By making it simpler for customers to browse and buy things on the website, the modifications have improved user experience. Nicobar customers can now easily identify relevant products and content using tools like collection and search filtering, geolocation-based content, and the country switcher. Users have become more engaged and satisfied as a result of this. 

  1. Conversion and Sales Increase: Conversions and revenues have increased as a result of the user experience improvement on the Nicobar website. Nicobar can design more interesting and informative product pages with the help of the configurable store content, new meta fields integration, and file picker in meta fields, which can enhance sales. 

  1. Improved search engine rankings: By making it simpler for visitors to find pertinent material on the website, the search and discovery app has helped raise Nicobar's website's search engine ranks. More organic traffic and visibility has resulted from this. 

  1. Streamlined login process: The Google One Touch Sign In allows users check in to the website more quickly, which has enriched their entire experience and given a boost in engagement.

To sum up, the features we have mentioned have helped Nicobar in providing a seamless user experience and increase conversions. We at Lucent Innovation are experts at assisting clients in building incredible features and websites that help them stand out from the competition and accomplish their objectives. No matter what your company requires, our team of talented Shopify developers and designers has the knowledge and expertise to offer excellent outcomes. Thus, get in touch with us right away if you want to build a website that will help your company grow. We'll work with you to make your dreams a reality. 

Contact us today! 

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