Innovating App with React and Node JS: A Symphony Story

Innovating App with React and Node JS: A Symphony Story

Developing a robust custom solution for automating processes of a popular cooler brand.

Client Overview

Symphony Limited is a leading manufacturer of industrial air coolers, central air-cooling systems, packaged air coolers, and air washers, among other products. These items are created with the help of their well-established infrastructure unit. They use the highest quality raw materials and the most cutting-edge technologies. Symphony has created a very good reputation in India and is well known for fulfilling the customer's substantial and urgent needs within the agreed-upon time frame.  

It is a well-known brand in the cooling solutions sector, offering a variety of cutting-edge and resource-efficient air coolers for both commercial and domestic use. The business was created in 1988 and has since become a dominant force in the market, with a presence in more than 60 nations.

Challenges the client was facing 

Symphony had a manual order processing system which was posing a number of problems. There were issues with order correctness, processing effectiveness, returns management, order tracking, and warranty registration despite the use of multiple inventory systems, including SAP HANA and a delivery partner. The lack of automation in its procedures led to communication and transparency challenges, which made the company's problems severe. 

Order flow

 Order flow - Symphony

Client Requirement

Symphony had a manual order process system which caused many hassles and was time-consuming. So, they required a custom solution to streamline their process with a certain set of requirements like: 

1. Sync information from Shopify Store to SAP: The orders needed to move from their website to SAPHANA in real-time. This included all the information regarding orders and product details.  

2. Integration with 3PL partner Delhivery: The client requested integration between their Shopify-SAP system and their 3PL partner Delhivery. Sharing information like shipping specifics, tracking numbers, and more was necessary for the client to track orders and ensure prompt delivery to customers.  

3. Validation of GST numbers: The client needed to have a system in place to determine whether the GST numbers provided by their clients are legitimate. By doing this, they could ensure that all tax laws were followed and avoid any potential legal problems.  

4. Return and Refusal policies: A Shopify store does not handle the management of returns and refusals. The client, therefore, wanted to incorporate a tailored solution that would enable them to effectively manage these operations. Providing a seamless and trouble-free customer experience may involve creating a return policy, handling refunds, and more. 

Solutions Provided

Lucent Innovation created a very versatile custom solution known as Middleware

The solution has a lot of features and functionalities and has led to 

  • Automated processes 

  • Reduced error in operations  

  • Streamlining all the order management systems  

  • Cost effective 

Order workflow (Custom App)

Lucent Innovation custom app - Order workflow flow chart


The various functionalities of this custom application: 
  1. Orders are moved/communicated from Shopify Store to SAP(HANA) with the help of our custom application.  

  1. Existing products can be pushed from SAP to Shopify. All the product details, from the name, SKU, quantity, price, etc., are pulled from SAP to Shopify with the help of our custom application.  

  1. We have created an API that checks whether the GST numbers are valid when determining B2B orders. 

  1. Billing Documents (invoices) can be sent from SAP to Shopify. As soon as an invoice is posted to accounting within SAP, it gets generated within Shopify and displayed on the dashboard for the customer to download it easily.   

  1. Our custom application creates the shipping label (consisting of tracking number and URL) and provides the information to SAP, which is then pulled to the Shopify store. The customer can easily track their shipment through it.  

  1. Our custom application also integrates Shopify stores and SAP with 3PL (i.e., the third-party logistics) to whom we communicate the shipping address and CFA location. This leads to a completely automated and smooth delivery process.  

  1. Symphony Ltd has various return, replacement and refusal policies which are applied with the help of our custom application so that there is no inconvenience to the customers. 

Various functionality of middleware app

Technologies used: Node.js 
Database: MySql 
Front end: React js 

Why did our developers choose Node js with React js ?

Some of the most notable advantages of combining ReactJS and NodeJS are as follows: 
  • Combining React and Node JS reduces total development time while also providing a number of important benefits. 

  • With Node.js and the V8 engine, the quality and quantity of your callback functions are ensured. 

  • Both server - side and client programming are possible. 

  • The developers are able to run React.js code in the Node.js environment right away. 

  • It simplifies server-side rendering by reducing the number of lines of programming code. 

  • Get access to a huge number of NPM packages. 

  • Increase the load on your React and Node.js project. 

  • When you use Node and React together, creating JSON APIs for your app is a breeze. 

  • In the marketplace of computer languages, React and Node JS are the two unicorns. They've evolved into more than just a front-end library and back-end framework. Node React developers, for example, let you use CLI and other scripting tools in your application. Do you plan to use NodeJS and Reactjs to create a full-stack web application? Then React and Node JS are a match made in heaven for your business. Lucent Innovation’s experienced and expert React and Node developers will use pre-built and accessible Node.js libraries.  


This custom solution has led to a lot of benefits for Symphony Ltd. So, let us take a look at the benefits the Middleware has given Symphony due to integration of SAP with a Shopify e commerce store: 

1. Increase in productivity 

The less time their staff spend on repetitive and unnecessary data entry, more the time they will have for other important company duties. Common data across systems may be easily exchanged or transferred automatically, saving the time and money on data input, data errors, order problems, and time spent rectifying errors. 

2. Improved Inventory Management 

It's tough to synchronize inventory and alter price schedules when two independent systems are used. With each warehouse and distribution center, this procedure becomes even more complicated. Here they have a single source of information with a comprehensive, integrated system, including accurate inventory counts, availability, and price. 

3. Providing Excellent Customer Service 

Integrating ERP and e-commerce operations gives real-time inventory availability, previous and current client orders, and trends information to their sales and customer service teams. They provide a smooth multi-channel customer experience while avoiding any bottlenecks that could result in dissatisfied customers. 

The Shopify-SAP connectivity is both beneficial and necessary for the business. The customer experience is improved, and the business benefits, because Shopify orders are promptly loaded into SAP with customer data, shipping and billing addresses, form of payment, delivery methods, product description, and required quantity. Business processes are now performed, communicated, administered, and tracked in unprecedented ways. 

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