Improving User Flow and Bug Resolution for Good Earth

Improving User Flow and Bug Resolution for Good Earth

Client Overview  

Good Earth is a well-known brand where technical innovation coexists with thoughtful design. As you browse our chosen assortment of luxury and sustainability, you will quickly understand that Good Earth is more than simply a company; it is an ode to exquisite craftsmanship, an expression of environmental consciousness, and a combination of art and design.  

Good Earth goes beyond the expected. Our virtual treasure trove of offerings includes home décor, fashion, and lifestyle items, all made with a core dedication to quality, authenticity, and sustainable processes. Every piece in our collection exemplifies accuracy, displaying a deep appreciation for natural patterns and a commitment to crafting with purpose.  

Stylish Sustainable Luxury Retail - Goodearth

Good Earth – Stylish Sustainable Luxury Retail | 

Scope of the Project 

The project scope included resolving existing bugs for improved website stability, developing a career module allowing job filtering, enhancing the user experience through features such as most recent searches and a more straightforward checkout process, setting up a loyalty section, optimizing site performance through code improvements, and enriching user engagement with search upgrades, product filters, and video integration, all to transform the website of Good Earth  into a customer-centric experience.  

Project Summary  

The project aimed to establish a refined and visually appealing web platform that reflected Good Earth's dedication to luxury and sustainability.  

It included bug fixes, the creation of a career module with filtering options, enhancing user flows, implementing of a loyalty program, optimizing site performance, and enhancing engagement through search enhancements, product filters, and video integration.  


The existing Good Earth website had several concerns ranging from problems affecting user experience to the need for a more simplified checkout procedure. In addition, the client wanted to develop a career section that would allow users to filter positions by region, department, and competencies. Furthermore, the site's speed needed to be improved, emphasizing decreasing loading times and optimizing the codebase.  

Client Requirements 

Good Earth wanted to develop a more user-friendly website that combines practicality, aesthetics, and performance while emphasizing sustainability and luxury.  

  • Stability and bug resolution: Identify and resolve current website bugs to guarantee user satisfaction and reliable functionality.  

  • Develop a career section: A career module that allows job seekers to filter openings by location, department, and capabilities for quicker job applications.    

  • Improved User Flow: 

1) Enhance the recent search function for simple access. 
2) Develop a user-friendly "mini bag" for efficient checkout. 
3) Add a secure OTP component to the registration process.  
  • Loyalty Program: Implement a loyalty module to reward and engage loyal customers through incentives and special deals.  

  • Site Optimization: Improve overall codebase efficiency by converting class-level components to functional components.    

  • Enhancements to the User Experience: Include search options within dropdown menus, use product filters, and display product videos to enhance the visual experience.  

    Solutions we have provided  

    • Bug Removal and Enhancement of the Career Module: Our frontend development team methodically addressed existing flaws, improving the site's stability. They smoothly integrated a career module, which allows job seekers to search for openings based on location, department, and competencies. React.js was the technology for this work, allowing for a seamless user experience.  

      Enhancement of the Career Module
    • Recent Searches and Mini Bag Enhancement: Lucent Innovation redesigned the recent search feature to improve user convenience, allowing quicker navigation. The checkout procedure was completely revamped, giving users a more seamless transaction experience. This redesign relied heavily on React.js.  

      Recent Searches and Mini Bag Enhancement - Good Earth


    • Loyalty Module Development: Lucent Innovation is working on a loyalty module to reward Good Earth's loyal consumers. This functionality will improve client engagement and retention even further.  

    • Optimization and Site Speed Improvement: The Lucent team executed code-level improvements by changing class-level components to functional components, resulting in faster and more responsive sites. Changes to the rendering were also made, resulting in improved code optimization and a more responsive site.  

    • Improved User Experience: A dynamic OTP component was created using React.js and TypeScript for the registration process. This component improved the security and efficiency of the user onboarding process. The search capability was enhanced by including search alternatives within dropdowns, contributing to a better user journey.  

    • Product Page Improvements: Lucent Innovation added filters to product pages, allowing customers to customize their search results conveniently. Videos displaying various items were included to improve the visual experience and give users a better grasp of Good Earth's offerings. 
    Product Page Improvements - Good Earth
    Lucent Innovation provided solution to Good earth

    Benefits gained by Good Earth after the changes  

    Good Earth enjoyed various significant benefits following the effective implementation of the comprehensive solutions given by Lucent Innovation. Because of bug fixes and streamlined user flows, the website's overall user experience has substantially improved, with greater functionality and smoother navigation.  
    The career module facilitated quick job searches by responding to the tastes of potential applicants, and the loyalty program promoted more robust customer engagement and loyalty through tailored incentives and special discounts.  
    Optimization of site performance resulted in faster loading times and more excellent responsiveness, leading to higher user satisfaction and more extended site visits. Adding search features, product filters, and product videos improved the visual experience, increasing user involvement and assisting with purchasing decisions.  
    These changes established Good Earth as a luxury and sustainability leader and resulted in increased user engagement, higher customer retention, and enhanced overall online brand perception.  

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