A game changer in Education - The latest Ed-tech platform by Lucent Innovation

A game changer in Education - The latest Ed-tech platform by Lucent Innovation

Client Brief 

A well-known educational company in Asia wanted to create a digital learning platform to develop a seamless link between students and professors. The option to sign up for tests and assess oneself assists students in studying for the JEE, JEE MAIN, and NEET exams.   

This platform, which aims to become a global digital learning market leader, is built using latest technology to deliver a superior user experience. Its cutting-edge features and tools enable students to study and review in a fun and dynamic way, making it simpler for them to be ready for their exams. This platform enables students to attain their academic objectives by assisting them with skilled teachers and a comprehensive curriculum.    

Challenges the client wanted to overcome  

The client's goal was to create one educational platform that could immediately meet all students' needs. The platform should be created so that students may get an immediate response to their questions about learning. It should be able to help students in understanding their questions and missed lectures by giving them a thorough educational experience.  

 The students must be able to rapidly access their evaluations and assessments. The dynamic link between teachers and students should make it simpler for students to ask questions and receive the help they require. This platform must enable students to take charge of their learning and achieve academic success with a user-friendly interface and a rich curriculum.  


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Client Requirements  

The client wanted to create a central platform with different modules that included:  

  • Learning and classes  

  • Marks Evaluation and Assessments  

  • Doubt Solutions    

Solutions we Provided 

We created a platform having multiple modules 

Lucent Innovation provided solution to Ed tech


UAM (user admin management)  

  • In this module, we can create a new user and give him the required permission to access specific content from the CMS module.  

QB community (Question bank)  

This module is the backend part of CMS and ASM   

  • This module handles and manages the questions, exams, and chapter tests created by the content team.  

  • Store the data of all students' registration, exams, and test given by students and reports.  

ASM community (Assessment from student side platform)  

  • Students use this module to interact with QB and CMS, where users can attend live classes, watch recorded classes, give exams, and evaluate themselves based on the reports.  

  • Students can create their tests for chapters, topics, and subjects.  

CMS community (Content management)  

  • In this module, admin and content team members can be able to create questions and exams for student   

  • Teachers can record their classes and upload videos and doubts solutions.  

  • ANDR (Android App)    

Features of the Platform  


  • Get access to live and recorded classes that can be accessed from any device.  

  • Get gamified experience with courses created by our experts.  

Take your Test Preparation to the next level  

  • Revise and prepare with previous years' papers & free Mock Tests for assured success.  

  • Get detailed reports and analyses to improve your learning.  

Learning at your own pace anytime, anywhere  

  • Engaging videos with real-life applications  

  • Flashcards with animations & examples for quick revision  

Solve your Doubts 24/7 instantly with just a tap  

  • Your expert guide to solving doubts provides solutions round the clock, anytime, anywhere.  

  • It solves all your doubts with a vast repository of step-by-step explanations for every subject.    

Technology Stack Utilized  

  • Python  

  • AWS  

  • Angular (JavaScript framework)  

  • Nestjs (Nodejs + TypeScript framework)  

  • MongoDB & Postgres & Redis (databases)  


The development of this centralized ed-tech platform has been quite advantageous for educational institutions. First off, the platform will give it the ability to give its students a smooth learning experience by giving them access to live and recorded lectures, previous year exams, mock tests, and in-depth reports and analyses. A better way to prepare for tests is to prepare your students.  

Students could answer their questions immediately by communicating with their teachers and fellow students while using the platform's cutting-edge features and tools, such as the QB and CMS modules, the Doubt Solutions module, and the Android app. It also led to an increase in students' involvement and engagement in the learning process.  

The platform's UAM module also allows the organization to control users by taking care of the management of content. The development of this centralized Edutech platform has helped the educational organization provide its students with a thorough and contemporary learning experience, improve their academic results and enhance the Institution's position as a leader in the global digital learning industry.  

We have created a wonderful amalgamation of Education and Technology that helps students learn easily.   

Why Lucent Innovation for your Ed-Tech needs?  

  • Expertise in creating scalable, complex platforms: Lucent Innovation has a wealth of knowledge in creating scalable, complicated platforms employing cutting-edge technology.   

  • Domain expertise: Lucent Innovation has extensive domain experience in the education sector and has collaborated with numerous educational institutions to provide cutting-edge solutions.   

  • Agile development methodology: Lucent Innovation uses this approach to ensure that projects are completed on schedule and within budget.   

  • User-focused design and development: The platform was created with the end-users in mind thanks to Lucent Innovation's user-focused design and development methodology. It guarantees the platform's usability, simplicity, and high user satisfaction.  

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Q: What challenges did the educational company aim to overcome with the digital learning platform?

A: The educational company sought to create a centralized platform addressing students' diverse needs, providing immediate responses to questions, aiding in understanding missed lectures, and facilitating quick access to evaluations.

Q: What modules were incorporated into the digital learning platform to enhance the educational experience?

A: The platform integrated modules like User Admin Management (UAM), Question Bank (QB) Community, Assessment from Student Side Platform (ASM), Content Management (CMS) Community, and an Android App (ANDR), each playing a vital role in creating a comprehensive learning environment.

Q: What features does the digital learning platform offer to students and educators? 

A: The platform provides features such as access to live and recorded classes, gamified learning experiences, test preparation with previous years' papers and mock tests, detailed reports for improvement, 24/7 doubt solutions, and an array of technological tools to enhance the learning process.

Q: What technologies were utilized in the development of the digital learning platform?

A: The platform was developed using a technology stack that includes Python, AWS, Angular (JavaScript framework), Nestjs (Nodejs + TypeScript framework), and databases like MongoDB, Postgres, and Redis.

Q: What positive outcomes resulted from the implementation of the digital learning platform?

A: The centralized Edutech platform positively impacted educational institutions by offering a smooth learning experience, improving academic results, increasing student involvement, and establishing the institution as a leader in the global digital learning industry.

Q: Why choose Lucent Innovation for Ed-Tech needs?

A: Lucent Innovation stands out for its expertise in creating scalable platforms, domain knowledge in the education sector, agile development methodology ensuring timely delivery, and a user-focused design approach that prioritizes usability and high user satisfaction.

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