Customized Vendor Management System Improves Eat Cake Today’s Operations.

Customized Vendor Management System Improves Eat Cake Today’s Operations.

Enhancing Business Efficiency through a Streamlined Vendor Management System 

About the client - Overview 

Eat Cake Today is a platform for Malaysian cake lovers and enthusiasts to order cakes for birthdays, celebrations, and corporate events! Eat Cake Today also offers services to overseas customers to buy cakes from them to gift to their family, relatives, friends staying in Malaysia on their special day. All they have to do is place the order through Eat Cake Today and the loved one friends, or family staying in Malaysia will receive it as a huge surprise! Eat Cake Today also offers opportunities for home bakers and cafes to showcase and sell their products through the Eat Cake Today website. Together they work as partners to bring surprise and joy to wonderful Malaysians!  

Eat Cake Today has a unique and distinctive approach toward cakes. People can choose from a wide variety of exquisite and delectable products from carefully selected local bakeries. Cake selections on the website are categorized by minimum processing time requirements, such as 4-hour options, 1-day options, and even 6-day options.  

Challenges Eat Cake Today was facing

Eat Cake Today faced several challenges as its processes were still manual, and nothing was automated. They could not coordinate with vendors and manage order processing and delivery times accordingly.  

Their main issues were:  

  • Some vendors had high baking capacity and shorter cooking periods, so managing dates for cakes from such vendors was challenging for them. 
  • Eat Cake Today had to manually write baking time in each product description. 
  • They had to manually mark each product if it became unavailable on a holiday. 
  • They had to manually add shipment dates for shipping companies. 
  • Lacking a centralized vendor management system, was consuming a lot of unwanted time energy and mishaps.

  Client Requirement  

  • The client’s main requirement was to create a centralized vendor management system. 
  • They can add vendors and delivery companies by themselves.  
  • The baking capacity, time, and cake availability on holidays can be managed by the cake vendor.  
  • The store front will display cakes according to availability.  

  Solutions provided 

  • Vendor database: A centralized database that would store all the vendor information, including contact details and delivery schedules, was created.  
  • Time tracking: A system for tracking vendor timings, including delivery times, baking time, and customer feedback, was created.  
  • Automated Notifications: A system was created for automated responses for holidays and non-availability.  

Technologies Utilized  

- Development Tools & Environments: PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, etc.  

-  Database Server: MYSQL  

-  Server: Apache/NGINX Web Server  

The entire planning for B2B Shopify eCommerce multi-baker marketplace project was done together by the designers and developers, along with the expert guidance of project managers and testers. They kept the features and challenges in mind while planning for it.  


The implementation of the VMS at Eat Cake Today had a positive impact on their business operations. The VMS has helped Eat Cake Today to:  

  • Improve communication with vendors The VMS has provided Eat Cake Today with a centralized platform for communicating with its vendors.  
  • Increase visibility into vendor performance: The VMS has given Eat Cake Today increased visibility into the performance of their suppliers, allowing them to make informed decisions about their vendor network.  
  • Manage vendor risks more effectively: The VMS has provided Eat Cake Today with the tools and systems needed to effectively manage the risks associated with their vendors.  
  • Accurately track vendor information: The VMS has given Eat Cake Today an accurate and up-to-date system for tracking vendor information, allowing them to manage their network more effectively.  

In conclusion, the implementation of the VMS at Eat Cake Today had a positive impact on their business operations and has helped them streamline their vendor management processes and improve the quality of their products.    

Why did Eat Cake Today choose Lucent Innovation for providing a solution? 

We were chosen because our main objective priorly was to understand the client's requirements perfectly. We selected our strategy after clearly viewing the client’s needs and requirements. Our skilled and experienced team was always available to solve any    queries and issues. We delivered the project to the client on time and with added value.  

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