Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Investment Management

Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Investment Management

Achieving Business Excellence with Lucent Innovation’s Investor Pulse Application

About the client – Overview 

This firm is one of the most well-known investment firms in the USA. The company invests in startups and growing businesses in various industries, including tech, healthcare, and consumer goods. It has offices worldwide, including in Israel, China, India, and the United States.  

This firm is renowned for having a top-notch investment team and the capacity to spot and help entrepreneurs with huge ideas. The company has a proven track record of making profitable investments and has assisted numerous businesses in expanding and realizing their full potential.  

It has a long history of profitable ventures and a strong dedication to fostering cutting-edge concepts and ideas.  

Challenges the firm was facing

It had an application for the American region, but it wanted to expand its services into India, MENA, and SEA.   

They wanted to create an internal application for efficient communication, helping other companies make sound investment decisions, as the current application had certain constraints. They were:  

Limited user base: As the application was only offered in the United States, the number of users and possible revenue sources were constrained.The firm wanted to access new markets and reach a larger audience by branching out to other areas.  

Regulation Variations: Differences in regulations make it difficult to modify the application to meet various legal requirements because investment regulations vary from country to country. A centralized app would make compliance across regions easier to manage.  

Gain an edge: Competition was fierce in the market. Using a centralized app to expand to new areas provided the company with a competitive edge and set it apart from other firms.  

Client Requirement

The client's main requirement was to create an internal platform for all its employees and investors—mainly a dashboard to help businesses, investors, individuals, and employees keep track of investments.  

The app should also provide a centralized communication platform to stay on track with the latest investment trends.  

Manage the platform in such a way that multiple requests can be handled.  

We are customizing each feature according to the needs.  

Performance Optimization. There was huge incoming data, and managing app performance was their main requirement.  

Solutions provided 

This application is an internal platform to introduce investors to companies and vice-versa. The client also works as a middleman, helping companies make sound investment decisions. We had to redesign the application from scratch and add all its custom features.  

Material UI is a basic component—components customization done through React JS and TypeScript.  

Performance optimization was a huge task due to many data, but it was managed by caching certain limits, removing them, and adding another for the remaining information. We created our logic and applied virtualization, significantly increasing the page's performance.  

Table Virtualization  

(Table virtualization is a performance optimizer concept in which we load only specific data at a time, and whenever a user scrolls down, additional data is fetched as needed. This is an infinite loading concept in which all records are not fetched at once. Only the necessary records are fetched. It aids in page optimization.)  

We have created filters for sorting and analytics. We have also created document-sharing functionality in the application.  

Creates agendas for meetings   

(The company's customer can vote their opinions for the companies that are meant to be invested in and those not to be invested.)  

The application can track a company's growth for half a year and perform analytics for investors.  

Technologies Utilized  

Front end

  • React JS (ReactJS is a free, component-based front-end library that is exclusively in charge of the   application's view layer.)  

  • TypeScript  (TypeScript is a free and open-source high level programming language. It transpiles to JavaScript and is created for the construction of huge apps.) 

  • Sentryio and Jest (We have used Sentry to recognize errors and resolve them quickly. While Jest helped us to write code correctly.)  

  • Amplitude (An analytics service that provides insight on user interaction)  

  • OKTA (A one stop login system used by Sequoia to login into multiple websites) 

  • High Charts  (We enhanced the web application uses High Charts. It is a charting library built entirely on JavaScript that is intended to improve online applications by enabling interactive charting. 

  • Figma  (We utilized Figma- a digital design and prototyping tool to test the application.) 


  • Python  (Python is the top choice for developers who want to create backend applications due to its many benefits and rising developer popularity. Python backend development increases the effectiveness of product development. Python can be utilized for developing projects regardless of whether you are a successful businessman with a startup.   

Connect with us for your Python Development Projects!) 

  • AWS  (An easy-to-use comprehensive Cloud Computing Platform)  

  • SQL    (A database on a computer can be managed, organized, and retrieved using SQL.) 

  • Redis  (Redis is a distributed, in-memory key-value database, cache, and message broker that uses in-memory data structures and offers optional durability.) 

  • Caching  (You can effectively use formerly retrieved or calculated data by using caching.) 


Having a customized internal platform for connecting investors with businesses and vice versa helps increase productivity and efficiency in deal sourcing. The Technology makes it easier for the firm to track business interactions, manage its transaction pipeline, and make data-driven investment choices.  

Second, having a middleman platform that helps businesses make wise investment choices also helps lessen the risks connected with investing. The platform might assist the company in finding opportunities that fit their investment thesis and reduce risks by offering data-driven insights and analysis.  

Overall, this firm benefits from a more efficient and effective method of identifying and assessing investment prospects thanks to Lucent Innovation's revamped application, which results in more favorable investment results. 

Why did this firm choose Lucent Innovation for providing a solution? 

The client has selected Lucent Innovation to redesign their application because of several aspects relating to our skill and method of software development.   

Knowledge about React JS: Lucent Innovation's expertise in Technology played an important role in our collaboration with the company. React JS development services is a popular technology for many web and mobile applications, and that knowledge can be a valuable asset.  

Customized Strategy: Every firm has different needs and objectives, and meeting these demands may not be possible with a one-size-fits-all strategy. The client was drawn to Lucent Innovation's bespoke approach since it would guarantee that the revised application would be adapted to the specific demands of the firm as opposed to being a conventional or off-the-shelf solution.  

Using Cutting-Edge Technology: New tools and technologies are continuously being developed in the software development sector, and staying up to date with the most recent developments can be essential for remaining ahead of the competition. Because it would guarantee that the redesigned application is current and has the most current best practices and features, Lucent Innovation's use of cutting-edge Technology resonated well with the client.  

Overall, Lucent Innovation impressed the firm in their quest for a partner to revamp their application due to a combination of React JS knowledge, a tailored strategy, and the use of cutting-edge Technology.  

Lucent Innovation has been a pioneer in creating highly customized applications. Our React JS Developers are highly experienced and adept at adding micro features. As a provider of digital enterprise and product engineering solutions, Lucent Innovation enables its clients to go on unique growth journeys and seek to broaden the horizons of their enterprises.   

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