My Easy Monogram: Building an Efficient Dropshipping Platform with Shopify App

My Easy Monogram: Building an Efficient Dropshipping Platform with Shopify App

Streamlining Drop shipping for a Custom Steel and Wood Monogram Maker: Simplifying the Process for Success

Client Brief 

My Easy Monogram is a reputable manufacturer of custom products like steel and wood monograms, which are renowned for their excellent conversion rates. They have developed a drop shipping platform that enables other merchants to sell their goods globally as part of their company expansion. With the help of this platform, retailers can sell the well-liked personalized products from My Easy Monogram to their consumers all over the world without having to worry about managing inventory or shipping. 


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Client Requirements 

My Easy Monogram is a manufacturer who manufactures different styles, sizes, names, monograms based on customer’s requirement in a customized way. 

  • Selling Channel 

They were selling these products through their own website, but later to expand the selling, they decided to sell the products to various merchants through Shopify. 

Their main requirement was to create a drop shipping platform where My easy monogram can manage orders, products and merchant data. 

  • Manage Scripts 

The client wanted to offer customized preview for product images so that the customer can view what he has ordered and how his product will look like. 

What is Dropshipping? 

Dropshipping is a retail fulfilment technique where a website business does not maintain inventory of the goods it sells. Instead, the store acquires the item from a third-party seller, like My Easy Monogram, when a consumer places an order on the store's website. Without the retailer having to worry about managing inventory or shipping logistics, the supplier then creates the goods at their location and distributes it directly to the buyer under the merchant's name.

How does dropshipping works - Infographic

Benefits to the merchants 

  • No expense on inventory and overhead costs - The merchant does not have to purchase any inventory thus the cost of renting or buying a warehouse and similar utility costs are not there. They just need a working website to sell the products. 

  • You can run the business from anywhere - You do not have a particular location as there is no commitment to physical space. You just need a laptop and internet. 

  • Minimum expense on fulfillment - There are no expenses of order fulfillment from your end. 

  • Minimum Loss - There is a minimum loss as well as risk of damaged items as the number of steps from order to package delivery are gradually reduced. 

  • All the products are highly qualitative - My Easy Monogram does not compromise on quality and all the products are made with good quality materials. 

Solutions Provided 

We created an application for My Easy Monogram. It had two different applications inside: 

  • Super Admin App 

Super Admin Application is an independent app build for the Manufacturer where he can manage all the orders, products and individual merchants' data as well as offer the personalized product image previews to the customers. 

  • Merchants App 

Merchant app is a Public Shopify App which needs to be installed by the individual merchants on their stores to sell the MEM Products. 

 How and with what lucent team helped my monogram

Technology Used 

  • Java 
  • Framework - Spring boot (For Backend Development) 
  • React JS
  • PHP 
  • Ship station webhook - For notification handler 
  • Shopify webhook - For Orders, Products Sync  
  • Mysql - For Database Management 


  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) 
  • AWS cognito for security of super admin login 
  • AWS S3 - for storing images 
  • AWS Lambda 
  • Elastic Cache  
  • API Gateway 
  • SQS 
  • Event Bridge 


The popularity of My Easy Monogram's user-friendly and simple application has played a significant role in their excellent performance. Due to the platform's powerful capabilities and simple installation procedure, it has recently experienced tremendous growth in popularity. The platform's straightforward and user-friendly interface makes it simple for merchants to add new products to their store. My Easy Monogram has become a popular choice for retailers wishing to diversify their product offerings and grow their business because of its favorable pricing, quick turnaround times, and effective order fulfilment. 

Why did My Easy Monogram choose Lucent Innovation as its solution provider? 

  • Expertise: One of the main reasons a business could pick a specific development company is because of their knowledge of a specific technology or sector. For instance, My Easy Monogram picked Lucent Innovation as its e-commerce application specialist due to our expertise in the field. 

  • Reputation: My Easy Monogram decided to work with Lucent Innovation because of their track record of producing high-quality applications on schedule.  

  • Communication: Working with a development firm requires effective communication. Lucent Innovation won My Easy Monogram over due to their proficiency in communicating clearly during the development process. 

Looking for a reliable partner to create custom software applications and boost your business's efficiency and profitability? Look no further than Lucent Innovation! As a full-service software design and development company we have the expertise and experience to bring your vision to life. Contact us today to discuss your next project and see how we can help take your business to the next level. 

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