An intriguing website: Digital transformation of a clothing brand

An intriguing website: Digital transformation of a clothing brand

Designing a High-End Shopify Store for a trendy and comfortable clothing line

About the Client Overview  

Articale is a leading easy-to-wear and solid apparel brand making waves through its vision and quality. They wanted to create a shopping experience as vibrant, comfortable, and appealing as their clothing.

They have many clothes, including t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, shorts, and accessories.

The emphasis on sustainability at Articale is one of its distinctive characteristics. They employ environmentally friendly products and production techniques to lessen their environmental influence. Also, they provide a part of their earnings to charitable organizations and support other humanitarian causes.

Articale's apparel has a youthful and stylish design focusing on convenience and practicality.

It is a brand that offers smart, eco-friendly clothing solutions for people who appreciate comfort and usefulness. These clothes have a modern, young appearance and are made to be worn every day.

Challenges they were facing

1. An accurate representation of the brand in line with its typology and personality to give audiences a similarly enjoyable experience.  

2. To design a modern, high-performing, search engine-optimized website.  

3. To implement a "Wow" Design.  

4. Within a tight deadline  

Articale clothing website screenshot from men's section

Client Requirement  

Articale had particular specifications regarding its website's functionality to attract its Gen Z target audience. Among the essential requirements were the following:    

  1. Custom Features: To improve user experience and make it simpler for customers to find what they're looking for, Articale wanted bespoke features for their websites, such as a shopping cart and dynamic mapping.  

  1. Innovative Color Usage: Articale needed to use color creatively to make their website stand out and be aesthetically pleasing to their intended audience.  

  1. Product & Category Navigation: For Articale, having quick navigation for their items and categories was essential to making it simple for consumers to identify what they're looking for.  

  1. High-End Shopify Store: Articale wanted to build a high-end Shopify store that reflected the look and feel of its brand and offered a seamless purchasing experience.  

  1. Distinctive characteristics: Articale intended to make something that had never been done before. This would enable them to stand out in a competitive market and entice their Gen Z target audience.  

  1. Mobile-Friendly: Articale needed a mobile-friendly website that ensures a seamless user experience as more and more people use their smartphones to shop online.  

  1. Interactive Website: Articale needed an interactive experience allowing consumers to explore and learn about their products and identity to keep customers interested and engaged.  

Solutions Lucent Team Provided  

  1. Lucent Innovation worked with Articale to choose the best Shopify themes for their industry. We presented three options to the client and allowed them to choose one that best suited their needs. The client's requirements for integrating third-party programs, such as shipping, SEO, and payment gateways, were discussed once the theme was finalized.  

  1. The best third-party apps were then found through research and evaluation to satisfy the requirements of Articale. This guaranteed their website would have all the features required to deliver a seamless user experience and meet their business objectives.  

Articale clothing website buying page screenshot from men's section
  1. We started building the website after the theme and apps were approved. To ensure we were on the same page, we created a PSD file for the store layout, which we examined and discussed with the client. Following the client's approval of the basic structure, we started constructing the website with Shopify liquid code.  

  1. We integrated the front-end and back-end to provide the necessary functionalities, such as shopping cart, checkout, and payment gateway integrations, and to give users a seamless website experience. We thoroughly tested the website before deploying it to ensure it was bug-free and satisfied our client's needs. 

Unique features of the website  

The Articale website stands apart from others. Based on colors, categories, and gender, the website is entirely customizable.     

  1. The website's emphasis on colorful, practical clothes is one of its standout elements. For instance, a user can explore all product categories for women on the website by selecting "Women," They can also choose from various color options. Thanks to this personalized approach, users can quickly locate what they're looking for and customize their buying experience. 

  1. Let's say you're looking for blue men's apparel. The website will show all things available in blue across all categories as soon as you choose the "blue" color for males. Users may find products quickly with this function, which streamlines the search process and considers their preferences.  

  1. Users may easily select their chosen color because the options are presented at the top of the website. For instance, a person seeking a blue sweatshirt could quickly discover one with just a few clicks. The website's user-friendly layout and simple navigation make shopping fun and stress-free. 


Infographics of Unique features of articale website done by - Lucent innovation
  1. Similarly there is an option of selecting all colors available for M+W ,everyone. All the products will be displayed on the page easily. 

  1. The website also has a helpful toggle button in the upper right corner that makes accessing account settings, the shopping cart, and other essential options simple. Also, it is simple for consumers to choose their preferred size when perusing various products because the positioning of size alternatives is well-organized and noticeable. These user-friendly elements improve the overall buying experience, showing the website's dedication to satisfying users' demands.  

Creating a smooth online shopping experience  

We have developed a website optimized for the desktop and mobile versions, has a wealth of pertinent information, successfully communicates the brand and its story, and generates revenue. The website had to emphasize the benefits of Articale in a vibrant, versatile, aspirational, and forward-looking way.  

The result that we have achieved is truly a work of Art. 


Articale clothing website screenshot from women's section

Technology Utilized 

Figma – For the CSS and design guidance 

HTML,CSS,Shopify Liquid and JavaScript 


Unquestionably, this website is a masterpiece in creating a solid first impression. The website has a bold and distinctive design with a stunning color scheme that immediately draws the eye. The functional toggle button in the upper right corner adds a dash of practicality, and the straightforward yet effective menu system makes it easy to navigate the entire website.  

The website conveys its point concisely and clearly, and users have a wonderful experience. This website is a beautiful example of how a well-designed and well-selected online store can give clients a unique buying experience.  

Articale website screenshot of categorized by blue colour

Why did Articale choose Lucent Innovation for providing a solution?  

Articale chose Lucent Innovation as their website development partner due to our exceptional ability to create custom functionalities tailored to their unique needs. To produce high-quality products that go above and beyond our customers' expectations, our knowledgeable team works hard to comprehend their needs fully. Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service and achieving outcomes makes us stand out in the field. Articale was able to establish a user-friendly and aesthetically gorgeous online store with Lucent Innovation that adequately reflects its brand's vision.  

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